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Health Benefits of Vegetables

When most of the people here the word acorn they don’t think it as something which possesses too much of nutritional value.

Artichokes are although considered as a vegetable more or less there is a type of thistle (a type of plant).

Asparagus is a type of vegetable that belongs primarily to the family of lilies. Yes, you heard it right; this vegetable is known widely for its therapeutic properties.

Aubergine or as well commonly know it eggplant is a vegetable indigenous to India.

Beetroots are taproots which are reddish or a bit purplish in colour. Known by different names such as garden beet, red beet, table beet these vegetables are rich in numerous nutrients.

Bitter gourd also called bitter melon is one of the common vegetables which has been specifically known to be beneficial in the condition of diabetes.

Bottle Gourd is a vegetable which is available throughout the year. Also, called Calabash gourd, Ghiya, Lauki and many other names this vegetable is known to be a staple diet in the Indian cuisine.

Broad beans are one of the oldest vegetables to be cultivated in the world. These beans which are also called as fava beans are the member of the pea family.

Broccoli is regarded as one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. It has a wide number of properties associated with it, with the prime one being its ability to prevent numerous sorts of cancer.

Brussels Sprout falls into the same family of vegetables as broccoli and cabbage. This vegetable is known to promote good health as well as support immune system thanks to the high content of anti-oxidants present in the same.

You might be consuming this vegetable on a regular basis but do you know how much health benefits does it contain? Yes, this vegetable which belongs to the ‘Brassica’ family is normally found to be oval in shape.

Capers, the name might be new to you, but we assure you that you have definitely consumed this vegetable in one form or other. These tangy, spicy vegetables are used to add an extra exotic touch to many dishes.

Available in much fancy colour such as Red, Yellow Orange, Green capsicums are known to contain more Vitamin C than even oranges. They are one of the ancestral spices and have much popular usage around the globe.

Carrots are one of the most enjoyed vegetables around the world. These little red devils are known to be an excellent source of Vitamin A and are pretty easy to grow as well.

Cauliflower is a vegetable which is known to belong to the Brassicaceae family of vegetables. This class of vegetable is also known to contain members such as broccoli cabbage etc.

Celeriac is a vegetable which belongs to the celery family. This vegetable whose roots are consumed is known by several names such as knob celery, turnip-rooted celery and tastes like the blend of celery and parsley.

Celery isn’t basically a vegetable, it is a plant which belongs to the Apiaceae family. It is primarily found in the Mediterranean regions and has lately become an integral part of almost every cuisine in the world.

Cep Mushrooms also called porcini mushroom are a wild variety of mushroom which is commonly found in Italy. These mushrooms which are known to contain some pores along there surface lack Gilles.

Chanterelle mushroom is a variety of mushroom which is found and grown across numerous parts of the world.

Chervil is more of an herb than a vegetable. However, this plant is regularly consumed in food and is specially used in the French cuisine.

We are familiar with many sorts of nuts available across the globe; however we are yet to find a nut with the level of popularity as chestnut. These are one of the edible nuts that are available across the northern hemisphere.

Chicory is basically a plant which is found in numerous types of weather. This herbaceous type of plant was first grown in Europe over the years its cultivation has spread to other parts of world as well.

Chives are a plant which most people think look like onions in few respects. However, this plant which is native to Europe and North America is now cultivated across all parts of the globe.

Collards are one of the staple foods of European as well as American cuisine. These green leafy vegetables are closely related to broccoli and cabbage and are known to provide body with some very essential nutrients.

Corns or sweet corns are not a vegetable rather are a type of pulse. These are widely consumed in the countries such as USA and South America. It over the years has become a staple diet in many countries.

Belonging primarily to America courgette is also called zucchini. Although it is mainly a fruit, it is cooked and consumed like a vegetable. These fruits are available in three colours namely green, yellow and light green.

You might in your life may have consumed what is known as Garden Cress, however may have not realised it. This is because number of times we consume food, without realising what the actual composition of that food it.

Cucumbers are one of the few vegetables that you would see frequently being consumed in summers. Belonging to the same class of vegetables such as Watermelon and Pumpkin, these vegetable grow on creeping vine which produces these products throughout the year.

Mushrooms are something that many people known about. Even little children know how it looks like through their favourite ‘Mario’ game. These vegetables are edible fungi which belong to the “Agaricus” family.

Dill which is in scientific terms called “Anethum Graveolens” is a type of plant or herb which is cultivated throughout the year.

Girasol is an Italian name for Jerusalem artichoke. This vegetable which you might think being somewhat related to Jerusalem, doesn’t have any connection to this religion.

Gram which is also called ‘Chana’ in Hindi is one of the most consumed pulses in India. This pulse which is also called chickpeas or Bengali Gram is world famous for its high nutrient content.

Green Beans are known to belong to a family of vegetables called as “Phaseolus vulgaris”. These vegetables are known to be available in number of sizes as well types and are a part of numerous cuisines.

Hickory nuts as the name implies are the nuts that are derived from the hickory tree. These nuts scientifically belong to the category called as the “Carya”. You will find about 18 varieties of hickory tree all over the world.

Kale is what many people call as “beef” for vegetarians. This leafy vegetable is known to contain high concentration of numerous nutrients. These leafy vegetable are known to belong to the same familt of vegetables as cabbage and cauliflower.

Kohlrabi is an annual vegetable which has its roots belonging to Germany. However, over the years this vegetable has grown to become one of the most consumed vegetables in northern parts of India.

Leeks are the vegetable which belong to the same family as that of onion as well as garlic. However, what differentiates this vegetable from other members is that leeks do not form bulbs.

Lettuce is one of the oldest plants cultivated on Earth. These vegetables are known to be first cultivated on Egyptian lands thousands of years ago.

Hearing the word ‘marrow’ what most people think is a bone marrow. However, there is a vegetable with the same name called as marrow. It is a kind of squash which was first discovered as well as consumed in Mexico.

For the people belonging to the northern hemisphere as well as to some parts of Southern hemisphere the blooming of morel mushroom is what signifies the beginning of spring.

Okra or Gumbo or as we call it ‘Ladyfinger’ is one of the popular dishes that have been part of the Indian cuisine for quite a long time.

Onions are one of the few vegetables that have been known since ages. These round shaped vegetables are known to belong to ‘Alium cepa’ group and are very high in levels of anti-oxidants.

Parbal or pointed gourd is one of the easily available vegetable in the Indian subcontinent. Also, during the monsoon period you can find this in most of the south Asian districts.

Parsnips are vegetables which belong to Eurasia and are consumed in high amounts in this country. These root vegetables are a close relative to carrot as well as parsley and is often confused as being one of them.

Seeing plantain in the first place you will easily confuse them with bananas. These vegetables are known to possess number of health benefits when unripe.

Potatoes are known to be everyone’s favourites. It is very rare that you would find anyone who hates potatoes. This oval shaped vegetable is known to be consumed in a number of ways and can either be cooked, boiled, fried etc.

Prunes are one of the healthiest foods to be known across the world. They are prepared by drying the naturally available plums directly under the sun.

Pumpkins are one of the vegetables which many children would be familiar with. These round shaped food are known to be a common thing to be seen during Halloween.

Radish or as we call it ‘Mooli’ in the Indian culture is a popular vegetable consumed by many. You might not be a fan of this vegetable however the health benefits associated with it might change your mind.

Rhubarb is one of the strangest looking plants and is known belong to ‘Polygonacea’ family of plants. In most of parts of the world this is considered to be a vegetable however in America it is known to be a fruit.