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Health Benefits of Cep Mushroom

Health Benefits of Cep Mushroom

Cep Mushrooms also called porcini mushroom are a wild variety of mushroom which is commonly found in Italy. These mushrooms which are known to contain some pores along there surface lack Gilles. They are available in sizes as small as one-tenth of an inch in width and are still not easily cultivable and hence their demand is limited. These meaty mushrooms are great in taste and offer a woodsy flavour in numerous dishes. Outside of Italy, you will find these vegetables in dried form. While these vegetables are local Italy you can find some being grown in China and Mexico. These forms of mushrooms grown in other parts of the world apart from Italy are not the purest form of Porcini mushroom. These vegetables have been known to possess the number of health advantages, few of which are listed below.

Nutritional Value of Cep Mushroom (28g)

Calories 105
Total Fat 0.0g 0%
Total Carbohydrate 14g 5%
Dietary Fiber 7mg 28%
Protein 7g 2%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 28%
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Health Benefits of Cep Mushroom

  1. Have Significantly Lower Levels of Bad Cholesterol

    Several types of research done on this type of mushroom have yielded the number of health advantages that this vegetable possesses. The presence of certain compound reduces the levels of cholesterol in the body. Also, as this vegetable consists of high amounts of dietary fiber, therefore it tends to wipe up the arteries against any accumulation of toxic substances.

  2. Has Anti-Cancer Properties

    This vegetable is known to have a chemical compound called “Lentinan”. This compound is known to fight cancer causing agents. IN countries such as Japan this compound found in the vegetable is an approved drug for patients suffering from cancer and hence is provided in the form of injection.

  3. Helps in Platelet Accumulation

    A compound called as Lanthionine is present in this vegetable and is known to support the process of healing or platelets accumulation. This compound helps in the treatment of issues such as Thrombosis.

  4. Is known to Have Anti-Oxidant Properties

    This vegetable as has been previously told is one of the powerful anti-oxidant. It helps in supporting the immune system as well as wipes out toxins present in the same. It prevents the growth of bacteria as well as virus and hence helps in maintaining overall health.

  5. An Effective Source of Vitamin D2

    These mushrooms are known to contain high levels of Vitamin D2. A single serving of this vegetable tends to satisfy 29 percent of your daily intake of Vitamin D.

  6. Helps in DNA Synthesis and Brain Function

    High levels of folic acid, as well as Vitamin B12 present in this vegetable, helps in maintaining the neurological health. Also, it helps DNA synthesis as well as increases the production of RBC in the body.

  7. Helps Improve Liver Function

    Certain vitamins, as well as chemicals present in this vegetable, are connected with the cleansing of the liver as well as help in smooth functioning of this part of the body.

  8. High Levels of Potassium

    This vegetable is known to contain significant levels of potassium, which helps in fluid regeneration of the body as well as at the same time helps in maintaining the overall cardiovascular health. This result in reduced chances of spikes in blood pressure, as well as chances of strokes, is decreased significantly.

  9. Helps in Production of Tissues

    This vegetable is also known to contain high levels of copper which help in performing enzyme reactions as well as support tissues repair and growth.


Consume this vegetable only after cooking it for the long duration, because certain proteins present in it may cause stomach upset if not broken down completely.

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