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Health Benefits of Kohlrabi

Health Benefits of Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is an annual vegetable which has its roots belonging to Germany. However, over the years this vegetable has grown to become one of the most consumed vegetables in northern parts of India. These vegetables are known as a modified version of cabbage which was produced due to unavailability of suitable conditions for growth of cabbage. This vegetable can be consumed in both raw as well as cooked forms and is being utilised in the German cuisine since long time. One can consume both the vegetable’s leaves as well as the roots of plants as both are known to be filled with nutrients. These vegetables are known to taste like broccoli but are comparatively more palatable. You can consume these in the forms of salad or can cook it in the same way you make spinach. This vegetable is packed with number of nutrients and is known to contain high number of advantages.

Nutritional Value of Kohlrabi (100g)

Calories 27
Total Fat 0.1g 0%
Total Carbohydrate 6g 2%
Dietary Fibres 3.6g 14%
Protein 1.7 3%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 103%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%

Health Benefits of Kohlrabi

  1. Helps in Improving the Digestive Health

    As seen in number of leafy vegetables this vegetable is also high in dietary fibres. These dietary fibres are known to improve your digestive health to a great extent. They help in regulating the movement of bowel as well as eliminating issues such as constipation and diarrhoea.

  2. Helps in Weight Loss

    This is one of the most recommended diets for people aiming to lose weight. This product is low in calories while at the same time is known to be high in nutrients. High contents of fibre provide a sense of fulfilment and hence in this way tend to reduce unnecessary calorie intake.

  3. Helps in Improving the Function of Muscles as well as Nerves

    This vegetable is known to contain potassium, one of the prime roles of which is to manage the muscle as well as nerve movement of the body. It helps regulating our daily functions such as breathing, reactions etc. Also, potassium helps in improving the body function as well as keeps you energetic all day long.

  4. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

    We know that the potassium present in this vegetable acts as a vasodilator and hence helps in widening of arteries as well as reducing the stress on same. This helps in lowering of blood pressure as well as decent supply of oxygen to various parts of the body for their healthy functioning.

  5. Prevents Against Iron Deficiency

    High levels of iron found in Kohlrabi help in increasing the RBC levels of the body. Also, iron deficiency can cause anaemia; therefore Kohlrabi helps in protection against the same. Also the calcium present in this vegetable can help in increasing the immunity as well as cardiovascular health.

  6. Helps in Increasing the Bone Strength

    With growing age the strength of our bones tends to decline. One way to prevent this is to regularly consume vegetables which are rich in minerals such as manganese and iron. Kohlrabi is known to be filled with minerals such as calcium, iron and manganese and hence is responsible for maintaining the overall bone health.

  7. Helps Maintain Vision Health

    Vitamin A is responsible for maintaining good vision health. However, kohlrabi doesn’t contain vitamin A rather it is known to contain beta-carotenes which are synthesised into Vitamin A. These compounds are known to protect your vision against number of disease such as cataract and macular degeneration.

  8. Helps in Improving Metabolism

    This vegetable is known to possess high volumes of Vitamin B which stimulate enzymes in the body which are responsible for energy production. They tend to impart additional strength to our body while at the same time helps in keeping it healthy.

  9. Helps in Prevention Against Cancer

    These vegetables are known to be blessed with high amounts of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals such as glucosinolates are known to be helpful in number of cancer particularly breast and prostate cancer.


Although there are no side effects to Kohlrabi, however, there are some people who possess food allergy and hence should consume this with ease.

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