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10 Best Siddha Medications for Hair Loss

10 Best Siddha Medications for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common trait in most people in recent times owing to a variety of factors. Factors such as heredity, food habits, lack of nutrients, stress, lifestyle related factors etc. are mainly responsible for the problem of hair loss. Siddha medicines are preferred by a large number of people because of the positive results it has about the problem of hair loss. Generally Siddha cures can be easily prepared at home and this adds to the popularity of Siddha benefits. Starting from hair loss to baldness, Siddha medicines are useful for every form of hair related problems.


In this article we shall discuss the top 10 Siddha medications that are useful to cure hair loss:

01. Siddha Vaithiyam

This Siddha cure is composed of lotus leaf juice and sesame oil. To prepare it, heat the lotus leaves to extract the juice. Now to this juice, add 500 grams of sesame oil and then heat the mixture for about 5 minutes. It helps in growth and re-growth of hair and helps to reduce the hair loss.


02. Shikakai and Hibiscus

The combination of hibiscus, shikakai powder and fenugreek seeds is a wonderful Siddha medicine that can be used for preventing hair loss. The mixture of Shikakai (100 grams), hibiscus (10 grams) and fenugreek seeds (100 grams) are first roasted and then the powder can be used on the scalp for good results.

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03. Olive oil

A mixture of castor, almond and olive oil when massage on the scalp acts as a solution to many of the hair problems including hair loss.


04. Mixture of Curry leaves and coconut oil

Massaging the boiled mixture of coconut oil and curry leaves can prove as a healthy Siddha cure for hair growth.


05. Siddha Hair oil

The use of Siddha hair oil regularly will ensure the prevention of hair loss on a permanent basis. Massaging the oil on the scalp helps in the development of hair follicles and is amicable for hair growth while preventing hair loss.


06. Gingilee oil

Hair fall can also be prevented by massaging the scalp with a combination of coconut oil, castor oil and gingilee oil.


07. Mixture of Nervelam Juice and lemon juice

The paste prepared from the mixture of nervelam juice and lemon juice when applied on the scalp, ensures significant reduction in hair fall.


08. Onion paste

Hair growth is also enhanced by the use of Siddha cure involving a paste of salt, onion and pepper which when applied on the scalp also reduces the hair fall.


09. Mixture of Aloe Vera juice, fenugreek powder and coconut oil

Aloe Vera juice is a good Siddha remedy that aids in rapid hair growth. The mixture is boiled for about 3 minutes and then cooled before applying it on the scalp.

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10. Panch Kalpa Kuliyal Choomam

Another useful Siddha medicine for controlling hair loss is the amalgam of five herbs the paste of whose when applied on the scalp gives benefits convincingly.


Hair loss can be a critical issue for some people. The rate of hair fall is the determining factor in the use of medicine. If the hair fall rate is very large, then it is recommended that the reader consult a dermatologist immediately. The above Siddha medicines are also valuable as far as controlling hair loss is concerned.

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