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How to Cure Diabetes using Unani?

How to Cure Diabetes using Unani

Diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar levels increase because of lesser production of insulin by the Pancreas. Diabetes is characterized by excessive thirst, excessive urination, impotency and the excessive increase of appetite. It is predominantly a lifestyle related disorder that can cause a lot of anxiety in a person.


Here are some ways by which Diabetes can be cured using Unani Medicines:


  1. Use of Bitter Gourd juice

    Patients suffering from Diabetes must consume this Unani Cure (Bitter Gourd juice) to keep the diabetes in check. Bitter gourd juice when taken in appropriate amounts (20 ml) is known to reduce blood sugar level, thus helping to cure diabetes.

  2. Use of Cotton seeds

    Cotton seeds can also be used as Unani medicine in the treatment of diabetes. Cotton seed extracts help to reduce the blood sugar level because of the presence of natural antioxidants, thus helping to control diabetes.

  3. Use of Neem

    The tender shoot of Neem is useful in the treatment of diabetes. Neem is known for its properties to purify blood. Grind 50 grams of Neem leaves in 100 mL of water and then drink the extract in the morning to get better results for Diabetes.

  4. Kernel of Jamun Seeds (Syzygium Cumini)

    Jamun seeds are very effective in controlling the blood sugar level and are able to control diabetes with ease. Jamun leaves may also be chewed by Diabetic patients to get rid of the symptoms of diabetes. To use the Kernel of Jamun seeds, take about 50-70 grams of Kernel seeds and make powder of these seeds after drying them. Mix this powder with water and drink it twice a day to see it work against diabetes.

  5. Use of Bel Leaves (Aegle Marmelos)

    Bel Leaves have been found to be useful in treatment of peptic ulcer, diabetes, constipation, indigestion and blood pressure. This is a Unani medicine that has multiple benefits for the human body. To use the leaves for consumption, grind the leaves in about 100 mL of water and strain the mixture. You can drink the extract in the morning as a cure to diabetes.

  6. Falsa Berry

    Falsa berry is an essential Unani cure for dealing with the problems of Diabetes. The extract of Falsa Berry is helpful in controlling the blood sugar level. To prepare the extract, take 10 grams of Falsa Berry and soak them overnight in 200 mL of water. After straining it, drink the extract in the morning for useful effects.

    Some more of the Unani Medicines that can be used as a cure for Diabetes are:

    • Qurs Zayabetus
    • Jawarish Zarooni
    • Kushta Zamarrud
    • Jawarish Jalinoos

Diabetes is a serious ailment that can threaten the quality of life majorly. The magnitude of damage this disease causes to the human body is very extensive and it can affect mental health too. It is therefore recommended to the readers that self prescription of the Unani medicines must not be practised. Always consult a doctor as the first step of treatment. Once you consult the doctor, you may use the above Unani medicines to aid in your treatment. Diabetes is an outcome of messed up food habits and a stressful lifestyle. So in addition to taking Unani cures for Diabetes, the readers must also be responsible enough to take care of their lifestyle and food habits so as to keep Diabetes in regular control.

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