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Health Benefits of Parsnips

Health Benefits of Parsnips

Parsnips are vegetables which belong to Eurasia and are consumed in high amounts in this country. These root vegetables are a close relative to carrot as well as parsley and is often confused as being one of them. This vegetable can be found all through the year and has number of culinary usage. This vegetable was used as a sweetener in Europe before sugar cane began to be imported. Although this vegetable can be cooked consumed raw as carrot, however most of the people tend to consume this when cooked. They being slightly sweet than carrot are known to be used in number of dishes and hence have versatile behaviour. These roots are not only delicious but also possess number of nutrients which makes them good for health. Let’s see what all benefits these vegetables offer.

Nutritional Value of Parsnips (100g)

Calories 70
Total Fat 0.3g 0%
Total Carbohydrate 18g 6%
Dietary Fibres 4.9g 19%
Protein 1.2g 2%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 28%
Calcium 3%
Iron 3%

Health Benefits of Parsnips

  1. Helps in Keeping UP heart Health

    Parsnips are one of the vegetables which are known to have an exceptional effect on the heart health. They are known to contain high levels of potassium which is a vasodilator and hence reduces any sort of blood pressure as well as stress on the heart. High levels of foliate present in this vegetable are known to reduce the levels of compound called homocysteine which results in increased heart ailments.

  2. Is Known to contain Dietary Fibres

    Parsnips are known to contain high levels of dietary fibres or to be precise high levels of soluble dietary fibres which tend to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Also these fibres present in parsnips help in improving the digestive health and hence in this way tend to regulate the movement of bowel.

  3. Prevention of Numerous Birth Defects

    As we mentioned before this vegetable is known to contain foliate which is responsible for healthy heart. Apart from this the foliate is responsible for maintaining health of baby in mother’s womb and prevents any neural defect from occurring.

  4. Helps in Weight Loss

    This is one of the low calorie options to consider including in your diet. It is known to contain soluble dietary fibres which prevent release of ‘hunger’ hormone and hence you won’t consume in any extra calories. The also optimise the digestion process and hence in this way tend to regulate the absorption of nutrients.

  5. Helps in Increasing the Overall Immunity

    Parsnips are known to be loaded with number of anti-oxidants which are responsible for preventing the action of toxic substances on the body. Vitamin A as well as Vitamin E present in this vegetable is known to increase the working of immune system in dealing with number of chronic diseases. Vitamin C is also known to stimulate the production of White Blood Cells which also are responsible for fighting against number of diseases.

  6. Helps in Overall Growth as well as Development

    Although parsnips are not known to contain very high levels of protein however the minerals as well as Vitamins they contain are known to be beneficial in providing a balance of nutrients. They act as a healthy snack and are perfect food to consume as a mid-day snack.

  7. Helps in Treating Respiratory Disorder

    The abundance of Vitamin C present in parsnips is known to protect the body against number of viral infections. They tend to stimulate anti-bacterial functions which kill numerous microbes present in the respiratory tract and also helps in loosening of mucus layer formed.

  8. Prevention against Cancer

    Although this part is still under research, however scientist has confirmed that this vegetable is known to contain anti-cancer as well as anti-inflammatory properties. A single serving of this vegetable is known to have 22 per cent of your daily requirement of foliate which is one of the prime components responsible for decrease in chances of ovarian cancer.

  9. Helps in Increasing Strength of Bones as well as Teeth

    Calcium is known to be one of the prime components to consume for health of bones as well as teeth. Parsnips are known to contain high amounts of calcium and hence in this way tend to increase the overall strength of bones. Also, they are known to contain Manganese which helps in absorption of calcium and hence in an indirect way tends to increase the strength of teeth as well as bones.

  10. Reduces Signs of Aging

    As we mentioned before, parsnips contain high amount of Vitamin C which is responsible for healthy looking skin. Consuming juice of parsnip you are sure to avoid issues such as skin discolouration as it tends to regenerate the lost cells and hence in this way tends to increase the overall immunity of the body.


Parsnips are known to cause an increased photosensitivity. Therefore people should be cautious in consuming these vegetables.

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