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    Health Benefits of Fruits
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Fruits like papaya advantage your body in immense ways. Papaya is a very popular source of vitamins and minerals that are vital for the typical working of the body.

A hefty portion of you might have tasted this mouth-watering treat, or have at any rate seen or searched out about it.

Health Benefits of Vegetables
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    Health Benefits of Herbs
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Grains of selim are typically the seeds of a famous plant found in Africa called as Xylopia Aethiopica. This is also called as the famous African pepper and is known to be utilised often as a substitute for common pepper.

Homeopathy Medication

Vaginal flora when healthy helps prevent infections. But sometimes, the healthy vaginal flora is overpowered by other micro-organisms. One such infection cause by Candida albicans which is a type of yeast is termed as ‘Candidiasis’.

Medicines have come a long way since the past few decades. There are more and more medicines made each day to fight diseases and technologies are developed to make the human body immune to a lot of diseases.

Leucorrhoea is the secretion of thick white or mild yellowish substance from the vaginal area. This has been undergone by most of the women of all age at any one point of time in their life.

A lot of people are laughed at for perspiring profusely. Excessive sweating is not only a medical problem but it can also thwart and make your social experiences uneasy.

Heat rashes are basically skin irritations appearing due to hot and humid weather conditions. They are prevalent in the summer season and are worsened by the heat of the surroundings.


Diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar levels increase because of lesser production of insulin by the Pancreas. Diabetes is characterized by excessive thirst, excessive urination, impotency and the excessive increase of appetite.


Hair loss is a common trait in most people in recent times owing to a variety of factors. Factors such as heredity, food habits, lack of nutrients, stress, lifestyle related factors etc. are mainly responsible for the problem of hair loss.