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Problems in Feeding the Child

Problems in Feeding the Child

These can be because of two reasons: 

1. Child’s inability to accept the nourishment offered

2. The mother’s inability to feed the child due to her personal limitations.


Mother’s inability to breast-feed the child may manifest due to two reasons:

(a) her misconception about ‘ruining’ her ‘figure’ is she does do the she might not have adequate production of milk in her body to feed the child. For this the mother should realise that breast-feeding her baby is not only a physical requirement on her part too, mother’s milk is the best diet that nature has arranged for the new-born. It is necessary for her because 90% of the cases of the breast cancer have been recorded because the produced milk failed to get an outlet. The artificial pumping out of the produced milk has not been found to be fully effective to solve the problem. It is a natural arrangement disturbing which is neither good or the mother nor the child.

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(b) Secondly, it has been proved by various medical researches that breast-feeding in a way vitalises the breast muscles, hence very necessary. Whatever be the ‘shape-loss’ it can be easily made good by the exercises given in the earlier chapter. As a matter of fact, the breasts assume their full form only when they are suckled. Moreover the emotional satisfaction that both-the child and the mother-derive from this process plays the purely aesthetic part of the physical beauty concept into insignificance. Besides being the physiological and emotional necessity breast-feeding is also the ideal exercise for the breast nerves.

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