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Health Benefits of Girasol

Health Benefits of Girasol

Girasol is an Italian name for Jerusalem artichoke. This vegetable which you might think being somewhat related to Jerusalem, doesn’t have any connection to this religion. This herb is also not a type of artichoke; however belong to the same daisy family as other artichoke. This vegetable is available in numerous sizes and shapes and offers higher degree of flexibility to its cultivators. This product having its roots in North America is highly nutritious and is grown primarily for its fleshy tuber. The skin of this root is of numerous colours from brown to white, purple and red. You can consume these roots in either raw or cooked forms and they inculcate number of advantages into any meal they are added to. So let’s dive in and see the health benefits that they offer to the consumers.

Nutritional Value of Girasol (100g)

Calories 73
Total Fat 0g 0%
Total Carbohydrate 17g 5%
Dietary Fiber 1.6g 6%
Protein 2g 4%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 6%
Calcium 1%
Iron 18%

Health Benefits of Girasol

  1. Helps in Keeping Blood Pressure Under Control

    This vegetable is known to contain high amounts of inulin, which can easily bypass the digestive system and hence reach to the area where good microbes are present. Upon reaching to those areas these are known to feed those good bacteria, the role of which is to prevent sudden spike of blood pressure.

  2. Abundant source of Potassium

    These vegetables are known to be an excellent source of potassium and contain higher amounts of this mineral than banana. Potassium is essential for muscle as well as body development and helps in healthy functioning of heart. Consuming potassium helps in increasing the strength of bones as well as reducing the chance of any damages.

  3. Helps in Keeping the Blood Cholesterol Levels Under Control

    Apart from maintaining the levels of cholesterol these vegetables are known to modify the way in which fat is processed and hence the cholesterol levels tend to drop.

  4. Provides High Amounts of Iron

    This root should be consumed if you want to increase your iron intake, without increasing your calorie or fat intake. Iron is known to be one of the important elements which are responsible for breaking down of proteins as well as transport of oxygen to every cell of the body. Deficiency of iron can lead to fatigue as well as decreasing of immunity.

  5. Are Known to be good source of Protein

    These roots are known to contain far higher amount of protein than any other root. Also, they contain number of compounds and amino acids which are responsible for increasing the flexibility of connective tissues and also providing the function liver detoxification.

  6. Helps in Increasing the Health of Hair

    Consuming this root is one of the best approaches to increasing the nutrient intake which is beneficial for your hair. This product is known to be one of the prime sources of Vitamin C, iron as well as copper. Copper as well as iron are known to be beneficial for maintaining the health of hair and preventing their loss. These products also increase the appearance of hair colour as well as prevent any pre-mature greying.

  7. High Fiber Content

    These roots are known to contain high amounts of fibres which can help in improving the overall digestive health as well as can help regulate the bowel movement. They help in preventing issues such as constipation, diarrhoea etc. from occurring.

  8. Help in Regulating the Levels of Blood Sugar

    Inulin compound present in this product is known to be digested in a way different than other starches. Body tends to utilise this product for increasing the level of metabolism. Inulin helps in increasing as well as stabilising the levels of blood sugar and hence in this way proves to be beneficial for diabetics.

  9. Improves the Health of Immune Systems

    Inulin present in this vegetable is known to increase the body’s defence mechanism as they tend to activate the enzymes which will fight the growing infection. They also neutralise or kill numerous viruses and hence are a good option to consume during the days of winter.

  10. Helps in Weight Management

    Girasol is not like the other common roots which are loaded with starch, rather they are filled in with inulin. This inulin found in these roots doesn’t contain a lot of fat as well as is responsible for increasing the calorie burning process in the body. Also, they tend to regulate the levels of sugar and hence prevent sudden spikes as well as falls.


Girasol although are beneficial but they sometimes do tend to obstruct the flowing of bile. They may also prove to be allergic for the people who suffer from allergy to sunflower.

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