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Leucorrhoea, White Discharge – Homeopathic Treatment

Leucorrhoea, white discharge - homeopathic treatment

Leucorrhoea is the secretion of thick white or mild yellowish substance from the vaginal area. This has been undergone by most of the women of all age at any one point of time in their life.


The major cause of such secretion is the vaginal infection which may be caused due to various reasons. The most important cause for such infection is due to the excessive moisture in that part of the body as it is kept covered most of the times.

Women who have the tendency of sweating more in that area tend to create infection through sweat.

Urinal infection can also lead to discharge of white

Vaginal discharge is a scenario which most of the women fear to open up and feel hesitant to talk and share their discomforts. It is a very normal happening in women which includes hormonal changes. It may also happen before the first periods for a girl which indicates puberty.


Few of the common symptoms of Leucorrhoea are:

  • Discomfort in the vaginal area
  • Foul smell from that part in the vaginal discharge.
  • Mild or severe headache.
  • Tiredness and body weakness.
  • Pain in stomach, mainly the lower part of the stomach.

Homeopathic Treatment for Leucorrhoea

Homeopathic medicines for treating the vaginal discharge for women are one of the safe and effective cures which don’t have the harmful after effects as this is one sensitive treatment which requires much care.

There are different types of Leucorrhoea which can be cured with homeopathic medicines. In certain cases where the vaginal discharge is due to infection, homeopathic treatment for Leucorrhoea goes a step beyond curing the discharge and also cures the infection that has caused such secretion.

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In case the discharge is due to physiological imbalances or changes, these homeopathic medicines are as effective as in the case of infection and provide relief.

Some of the Homeopathic cures for Leucorrhoea are:

  1. Calcarea Carb

    This medicine can be used for treating Leucorrhoea by women who are generally anemic in nature. They feel tensed and breathless with the discharge of the fluid. Calcarea Carb works the best for the secretion that is discharged due to excitement which can be mentally or due to physical reasons. Such women are normally stout with a good and fair skin tone. She might be sensitive to cold environment too.

  2. Sepia

    The white discharge that happens at the menopause can be treated the best with the help of sepia. The symptoms at such stage are the weakness of the body, continuous sweating, irritation and abnormal behaviour by the women to normal situations. Such women appear to be lean. This is one of the best medicines to cure itching in the vaginal area due to leucorrhoea.

  3. Alumina

    Sometimes, the vaginal discharge can be violent in nature and cause burning sensation in the vaginal part of the body. Alumina is the best homeopathic cure for such burns occurring due to leucorrhoea. The secretion is white in colour, transparent and may cause burning in the genital part of the body. It may also be liquid enough to sometimes run down your legs. Alumina cures all such problems.

  4. Pulsatilla

    Where Leucorrhoea happens at the time of attaining puberty, Pulsatilla is the best remedy for curing it. Women with the attributes such as – women who are resistant to tolerate heat, who are comfortable in open air and feels breathless in closed areas, who are emotional and sensitive in nature; can use Pulsatilla for curing vaginal discharge.

  5. Kreosote

    This is a homeopathic medicine for treating Leucorrhoea which is caused at the time of pregnancy. At such time, the secretion is white in colour, it causes burns and itching in the vaginal area along with the swelling and itching between the thighs of a women.

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