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Health Benefits of Broccoli

Health Benefits of Broccoli

Broccoli is regarded as one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. It has a wide number of properties associated with it, with the prime one being its ability to prevent numerous sorts of cancer. This vegetable which is usually found in the dark green shade is a close relative of cauliflower. Most of the world tends to consume the flower head part of this vegetable which is available in three distinct varieties. First, one being Calabrese broccoli which is nicknamed or known as broccoli, while the other two varieties being purple cauliflower and sprouting broccoli are not so common. So without spending in too much time on the appearance of this vegetable let’s see what the advantages that they offer are.

Nutritional Value of Broccoli (100g)

Calories 34
Total Fat 0.4g 0%
Sodium 33mg 1%
Potassium 316 9%
Total Carbohydrate 7g 2%
Dietary Fiber 2.6g 10%
Protein 2.8g 5%
Vitamin A 12%
Vitamin C 148%
Calcium 4%
Iron 3%

Health Benefits of Broccoli

  1. Helpful in Prevention of Cancer

    Broccoli is known to be helpful for prevention of numerous sorts of cancer some of them being lung cancer, breast cancer etc. This vegetable has been specifically found to be effective in treating breast as well as uterine cancer since it removes extra levels of estrogen present in the body. This property of removing estrogen cells can be related to the presence anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) compounds such as Beta-carotene present in these vegetables.

  2. Helps In Detoxification

    Presence of compounds such as Vitamin C tends to make this vegetable a very good detoxifier. This means that it removes any toxic compounds present in the body and hence purifies the blood of any sort of developing infections.

  3. Helps Maintain Health of Skin

    This property of improving the health of your skin can be credited to the presence of compounds such as beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E etc. They tend to rejuvenate the cells of the skin while at the same time making it all the more glowing and healthy. Also, this vegetable is known to contain a compound which helps you retain the original colour of your skin after it has been affected by the UV rays of the sun.

  4. Helps Cure Stomach Issues

    This vegetable is known to be an excellent source of fiber. This vegetable helps cure constipation which is the prime reason for many of the following stomach issues. It tends to add bulkiness in the food while at the same time maintain a healthy bowel movement.

  5. Helps Keep Heart Issues At Bay

    The components such as beta-carotene, Vitamin E, C, omega 3 fatty acids all combine and work together to reduce the levels of unhealthy cholesterol and in this way tend to increase the health of the heart. Also, high levels of potassium found in this vegetable act as a vasodilator (expands blood vessels) and hence boosts blood and oxygen flow to the essential organs.

  6. Helps Maintain Eye Health

    The compounds such as beta-carotene, phosphorous, Vitamin A etc. found in this vegetable are very good for your vision. They help protect your eyes against any issues caused and at the same time repairing the damages caused due to radiation.

  7. Helps Improve Immunity

    The green and purples colour of this vegetable is due to the Vitamin and Minerals present in this vegetable-particularly selenium, zinc, and copper. Therefore all these compounds present in this vegetable safeguard your body and in this way strengthen your immune system.

  8. Controls High Blood Pressure

    A compound called as chromium present in this vegetable helps in proper generation of insulin and thereby controlling blood sugar and hence maintaining blood pressure. All the vitamins which make our body function properly are found in excess of this vegetable and hence including them in your diet may offer real protection to your heart.

  9. Helps in Cases of Anaemia

    Anemia is directly caused due to lack of iron in your body. Broccoli is known to be extensively rich in Iron and hence is a powerful remedy against issues such as anemia. Copper is also found in this vegetable which is one of the many components required for the production of red blood cells.

  10. Helps Maintain Bone Health

    This vegetable is known to be excessively rich in calcium and nutrients such as phosphorous, zinc etc. Therefore this is an ideal component to consume for children, pregnant ladies, and old people. This is because these people are more prone to bone health deteriorating and calcium deficiency increasing.


Although broccoli is one of the most health components to consume some people might be allergic to it. Consuming broccoli for some may result in skin rashes and hence cause irritation. Try and eat this vegetable in proper amounts and hence enjoy the many benefits it offers.

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