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Top 5 Remedies for Eradication of Dandruff

Top 5 remedies for eradication of dandruff

One of the most common problems that has always troubled a lot of people is dandruff. There are countless over the counter products that claim to make your scalp dandruff free but do they really work? We see celebrities with flawless hair and scalp endorsing anti-dandruff shampoos; all this is only a sham.

What exactly is dandruff?

Dandruff is nothing but visible flaking of the scalp. It is a condition usually observed in oily scalps. It is an inflammatory condition if the skin and is not a very serious problem. It can be controlled with the help of various treatments.

What causes dandruff?

There are many reasons that can cause dandruff. Some suspect dandruff to be a mild yeast infection. It is also associated with a fungal infection these days. Another commonly observed reason for dandruff is excessive skin renewal. The fast proliferation of cells causes flaking of the extra skin.

With a lot of new chemical hair products flooding the market, hair health has started becoming poor. These harsh chemicals can also cause dandruff. Shampooing more than required or not shampooing at all can lead to dandruff too. Poor personal hygiene, hormonal imbalances, excessive dust collection in hair, not proper nutrition and stress can all lead to dandruff.

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What are the signs and symptoms of dandruff that help in its diagnosis?

Flaky scalp is one of the most common symptoms. The flakes can be oily or dry.

Redness and inflammation of the scalp can often be associated with the diagnosis of dandruff. The scalp feels constantly itchy. Dandruff in medical terms is known as ‘Seborrheic dermatitis’.

Now, as mentioned before, there are endless numbers of anti-dandruff gels, shampoos and other hair products. Shampoos containing Zinc pyrithione, Salicylic acid, Selenium sulphide, Ketoconazole and Armamentarium work effectively against dandruff.


Homeopathic medicines for dandruff are not solely for the treatment of scalp flaking. Homeopathy for hair issues takes in account the root causes and signs and symptoms for treatment. That is these homeopathy medicines for scalp will not only tackle your dandruff problems but also the main causes in the body leading to dandruff.

Homeopathy for hair issues, particularly dandruff includes:

  1. Thuja Occidentalis:

    This homeopathic remedy for dandruff eradicates dandruff by lessening the oil in cases of excessively oily skin and scalp which may have or may not have cause acne and pimples. If used in correct doses as prescribed by a homeopathic practitioner, it can completely treat dandruff and its underlying causes.

  2. Kali Sulphuricum:

    This remedy can used in later stages of inflammation cause by flaking of scalp. It is specially used in cases where the inflammation aggravates in presence of humidity. Kali sulpharicum is most commonly used as homeopathic remedy for hair issues.

  3. Natrum Muriaticum:

    It is very famously used for dandruff treatment. In fact, Natrum Mur can also be used for treatment for eczema, psoriasis and alopecia. Itchy and burning hair follicles can be treated with this homeopathy cure for hair issues.

  4. Sulphur:

    As bad as it sounds, this homeopathic remedy is used for treatment of people who have zero hygiene! It also works very well for people with very dry scalp. Itchy scalp, scratching scalp causing soreness can be treated with Sulphur. Also, sulphur can be used for curbing temperamental changes of a person’s behaviour.

  5. Phosphorous:

    Excessive hair fall, alopecia i.e. bald spots on the scalp can be treated with Phosphorous. Phosphorous can treat sensitive hair follicles and scalp.

    These were the top 5 homeopathy medicines for scalp. Along with these homeopathy medicines, there are a few more remedies that can help treat dandruff and other related issues. They are –

    • Magnesium carbonicum
    • Sanicula aqua
    • Badiaga
    • Sepia
    • Alumina
    • Calcarea
    • Lycopodium
    • Mezereum
    • Bryonia Alba
    • Oleander
    • Psorinum
    • Arsenic album
    • Brayta carbonica

Who said homeopathy remedies don’t treat dandruff, eh?

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