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Health Benefits of Parbal

Health Benefits of Parbal

Parbal or pointed gourd is one of the easily available vegetable in the Indian subcontinent. Also, during the monsoon period you can find this in most of the south Asian districts. This vegetable whenever cooked is delicious to consume as well as is loaded with number of nutrients. This vegetable is known to cure number of health issues specifically those related to stomach. In Indian cuisine this vegetable is famously used to make a dish called as “Pointed Gourd Rasa”. This vegetable belongs to the same category of vegetables as squash as well as cucumber. This vegetable is generally grown on vines and has leaves shaped in form of hearts. They are rapidly used in making number of dishes, soups, curry and are eaten fried or properly cooked. These delicious to consume vegetables are known to have number of health benefits.

Health Benefits of Parbal

  1. Helps in Improving Digestion

    This green coloured vegetable is known to be packed with high amounts of fibre. This fibre content in these vegetables is known to cure number of gastrointestinal issues. It also adds up mass to the stool and hence ensures smooth passage of the same. It is also known to cure issues related to liver.

  2. Helps in Treating Constipation

    The seeds present in this vegetable are known to be effective in curing constipation and adding up mass to the stools.

  3. Helps in Weight Loss

    Pointed gourd is known to be excessively low in calories. Consuming this vegetable will impart number of healthy nutrients without adding in any extra calories to your diet. It will help you fell full and hence you won’t be tempted to over eat.

  4. Acts as a Blood Purifier

    This vegetable has been actively associated to act as a blood purifier. According to the Ayurvedic medication they effectively tend to manage Kapha and hence clean our blood tissues as well as provide some skin care too.

  5. Helps in Reducing Chances of Flu

    According to number of researched as well as Ayurvedic system of medication, this vegetable is known to enhance your overall immunity. It is utilised as a cure in dealing with flu, throat problems as well as high temperatures.

  6. Helps in Fighting Against Number of Aging Factors

    As our age begins to increase number of free radicals start causing wrinkles as well as skin discolouration in our body. The high content of Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A present in parwal helps in fig hinting against these free radicals and hence slowing down the process of aging.

  7. Helps in Controlling the levels of Cholesterol as well as Sugar

    Parwal should be eaten along with their seeds as they are helpful in managing the levels of sugar while at the same time also help in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

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