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Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd also called bitter melon is one of the common vegetables which has been specifically known to be beneficial in the condition of diabetes. This vegetable is the member of the same family to which vegetables such as gourd, melons etc. belong. This vegetable which is most commonly found in the Asia and Africa has the history dating back to 600 years. As from the name itself, this is one of the most bitter gourds available but does possess wide ranges of benefits which we will be discussing further. The main nutrients content of this vegetable is found in its flesh which turns hard and tough after complete ripening. So let’s see apart from treating diabetes what other benefits does this vegetable offer?

Nutritional Value of Bitter Gourd (100g)

Calories 17
Total Fat 0.17g 0.5%
Total Carbohydrate 3.7g 3%
Dietary Fiber 2.8g 7%
Protein 1g 2%
Vitamin A 16%
Vitamin C 140%
Calcium 2%
Iron 5%

Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

  1. Effective Against Diabetes

    This is one of the most effective components or vegetable for diabetic patients. There are numerous components present in this vegetable such as peptides and alkaloids which tend to act as an insulin. All these numerous components present in this vegetable tend to bring down the level of sugar in the blood and thereby helping with diabetes.

  2. Effective Against Haemorrhoids

    Numerous researched have shown that this vegetable is very effective against hemorrhoids or piles. This is due to the anti-inflammatory property that this vegetable possesses. Applying a paste of bitter gourd root onto the affected area can help relieve the pain and hence cure the issue.

  3. Helps Maintain Health of Immune System

    Bitter Melon is known to contain numerous anti-oxidants each of which supports the immune system. These anti-oxidants fight against the free radicals present in the body and tend to remove them out of the system. By having bitter gourd in your diet you can greatly reduce the chances of severe diseases such as heart attack and kidney failure.

  4. Helps In Cancer Prevention

    AS mentioned before, bitter gourd is known to contain high levels of anti-oxidants present in it. These anti-oxidants wipe away free radicals and hence prevent chances of cancer. Also, this isn’t the only role of bitter gourd it also is known to possess anti-cancer as well as anti-tumour properties. It tends to induce a cell death chemical into the cancer cells and hence destroys them.

  5. Helpful In Cases of Respiratory Issues

    The anti-inflammatory (reducing swelling) and anti-viral properties tend to help patients suffering from conditions such as Asthma etc. It is recommended that you eat bitter gourd before going to sleep so that it can start working while you rest.

  6. Helpful Against Fungal Infections

    The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of this vegetable make it an ideal option for fighting against numerous infections. Also, this while fighting tends to eliminate these viruses from the system so that they do not cause any further damage. If we talk specifically about skin infections then these have been known to prevent and fight issues such as psoriasis and ringworm.

  7. Cure for Hangover

    Bitter Gourd is known to be beneficial for the situation such as the hangover. It tends to remove the effect of alcohol and also detoxifies the liver against any of the harmful compounds present.

  8. Effective Against Piles

    Consuming juice of bitter melon leaves along with buttermilk tends to help against the conditions such as piles and relieves the pain. Also, applying the paste of crushed roots of bitter melon over the area helps cure the issue.

  9. Effective Against Gout

    As mentioned before, bitter melon tends to clean the liver for any toxic substances and helps improve blood flow. Apart from this, it tends to relieve gout pain.

  10. Helps Maintain Healthy Eyesight

    Components namely beta-carotene and other properties of bitter gourd make it an ideal vegetable to consume in case of any eye issues. It tends to maintain healthy eyesight and vision.


The components found in bitter gourd are extremely powerful and hence should be paid much respect to. These vegetables should be avoided by pregnant ladies as it tends to cause excessive bleeding in the menstrual cycle. This also tends to reduce blood sugar levels very quickly hence due consideration should be provided to them. Also, some people are allergic to this vegetable and hence they should consult a dietician before consuming this.

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  • Jayaraj MS / May 20, 2018

    Very nice post. bitter gourd is a very healthy vegetable, especially for diabetic patients. Thank you so much for the share.

  • Manu Arora / April 6, 2018

    Nice blog! Bitter melon is the best vegetable and good for diabetes.