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Tips for Hair Loss Control using Unani Medicine

Tips for Hair Loss Control using Unani Medicine

Hair fall in men and women may be attributed to a variety of causes like lifestyle, environmental factors, hormonal changes, ageing etc. Some types of hair loss are also linked to heredity. Hair fall can be a distressing issue quite often. Consistent hair loss creates depression issues that can be extremely hard to deal with. Hence it is necessary to treat hair loss as early as possible. Generally the products often used for controlling hair loss exhibit certain side effects that are harmful to the body. To prevent this, Unani medicines are quite helpful to deal with hair loss.


Some tips for controlling hair loss with Unani medicines have been elucidated below:


  1. Use of Areal root of banyan along with coconut oil

    An effective method of treating hair loss is the use of areal root of banyan along with coconut oil for scalp massage. For effective control of hair loss, 300 grams of areal root of banyan must be used with a litre of coconut oil. This Unani cure can be used as to massage the scalp before going to bed.

  2. Use of crushed pomegranate bark with coconut oil

    A mixture of crushed pomegranate bark can be used along with coconut oil for scalp massage. To prepare the mixture, take 300 ml of coconut oil and add to it one tablespoon of pomegranate bark. Boil this mixture for 20 minutes and then strain it followed by filtering it. The filtrate when used as a scalp massage prevents the greying of hair while reducing hair loss.

  3. Use of crushed Nutmeg with olive oil

    Crushed nutmeg mixed with 300 ml of olive oil can be used as scalp massage before going to bed (after being boiled for 30 minutes).

  4. Using coconut milk

    Coconut milk may be used to massage the scalp. This is followed by washing with warm water. It helps in strengthening the hair.

  5. Use of Unani Oil

    The Unani oil is prepared by boiling the mixture of coconut oil and almond oil and the powdered dried leaves such as curry leaves, hibiscus flower petal and drumstick plant leaves. The application of this oil to the scalp helps to reduce hair fall/loss while simultaneously strengthening the hair.

    Applying a mixture of honey with egg yolk and then washing it after 20 minutes with lukewarm water helps to control hair loss effectively.

    • The use of almond oil to massage the scalp is fruitful for the strengthening of hair.
    • The application of a mixture of aloe Vera and triphala powder to the scalp is helpful in reducing hair fall and is beneficiary to control hair loss too.
    • Use of mixture of honey and egg yolk
  6. Use of crushed and soaked Reetha

    The application of crushed reetha soaked overnight on the scalp proves beneficial for shiny hair and prevents the greying of hair as well.

  7. Use of cinnamon, honey and olive oil mixture

    Massaging the scalp with a paste of cinnamon powder, honey and olive oil is a Unani cure helps to reduce hair fall significantly.

Hair loss is a troublesome issue. The causes of hair loss are varied. Hence it is recommended that before using any type of Unani medicines, the person must consult a doctor to understand the causes of hair fall/hair loss in him/her. Lastly, the use of gels and creams that tend to decrease the quality of hair must be avoided to reduce hair loss.

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