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How to take Breasts Care after Child Birth

How to take Breasts Care after Child Birth

Often cracks develop around the nipples, and sometimes there is swelling too. In some cases the breasts become hard and painful because of the formation of lumps. There is even a possibility of pus formation.

Here are some directions to follow in these conditions:

(1) Keep the nipples washed clean. Beginning from around the fifth month of pregnancy, a viscous fluid is secreted from the breasts. If this is not washed away properly, it may form a crust and the surrounding skin becomes reddish. To prevent this, clean the nipples well every day with warm water-occasionally adding boric acid powder to the water-and dry them by rubbing them lightly with a clean piece of cloth. If necessary, Vaseline or sesame oil may be applied to soften up the nipples.


(2) At the time of bathing, the nipples should be pulled outwards with the thumb and the forefinger. But care has to be taken not to hurt them with the nails. This will facilitate suckling by the baby later on.

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(3) The pregnant woman should wear loose-fitting blouses and brassieres, so that the breast receive adequate support, but are not subjected to too much pressure.


(4) If inspite of all these precautions, cracks are formed, a burning sensation is experienced or lumps are formed deep in the breasts causing pain, no time should be lost, but the advice of a doctor should be sought at once.

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