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Health Benefits of Chervil

Health Benefits of Chervil

Chervil is more of an herb than a vegetable. However, this plant is regularly consumed in food and is specially used in the French cuisine. This is generally used for garnishing and is known to possess taste similar to aniseeds. Also called gourmet’s parsley sweet cicily and cicely this herb was first discovered in Europe and then spread over to Asia and from there went on to France. The leaves of this herb are soft and are used in salads and soups. The juice from the leaves is used in making numerous medicines and is a great source of calcium as well as potassium.

This herb has been used for numerous health benefits it possesses and hence is beneficial for your overall health.

Nutritional Value of Chervil (100g)

Calories 237
Total Fat 3.9g 6%
Total Carbohydrate 49.9g 16%
Dietary Fiber 11g 44%
Protein 23g 46%
Vitamin A 116%
Vitamin C 83%
Calcium 134%
Iron 177%
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Health Benefits of Chervil

  1. Helps With Respiratory Issues

    Chervil is known to possess anti-expectorant properties and hence tends to remove excess of mucus from the respiratory tract. This helps in curing issues such as cold and cough.

  2. Helps in Detoxification

    Chervil is known to be a diuretic. This means that it tends to promote frequent urination which on the other hand tends to remove numerous toxic substances from the body. This removal of substances causes low levels of infection in the body and hence numerous diseases can be prevented.

  3. Possess Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    Chervil is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and hence has been known widely for curing issues such as pain and swelling. It tends to cure symptoms of the number of diseases such as anemia etc.

  4. Helps in Upkeep of Skin

    This herb has been known for a long while to prevent issues of skin such as acne as well as eczema.

  5. Is known to contain high amounts of fiber

    Yes, chervil is known to have high amounts of fiber in it and hence keeps the number of stomach issues at bay. Also, as it has anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, it can be used for curing any internal swelling issues as well.

  6. Helps Remove Signs of Aging

    As mentioned before that chervil leaves act as a detoxifying agent and hence removes free radicals which are responsible for early signs of aging. It tends to prevent wrinkles as well as skin discolouration from occurring.

  7. Excellent for Vision

    This herb is known to satisfy your daily Vitamin A intake. Vitamin A is found to be useful for eyes health and hence this herb increases the vision of your body.

  8. Helps in Maintaining Heart Health

    These herbs have been known to act in favour of heart and hence prevent the number of issues related to blood flow from happening. They prevent varicose veins, hemorrhages and other similar issues as well as cure low blood pressure.

  9. Helps During Menstrual Phase

    This herb has been known to be effective in retaining water during the menstrual phase and thereby preventing any issues such as bloating. It has also been used in curing of issues such as amenorrhea.

  10. Helps Maintain Overall Health

    It helps in stimulation of the number of biological functions of the body and thereby maintaining the overall physiology. It acts as a tonic for the whole body.

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