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Top 7 Medicines for Skin Care using Siddha

Top 7 Medicines for Skin Care using Siddha

Skin is one of the most important senses of human body. Every sensation of touch, pain or burn is related to the skin. Skin is a very sensitive part of the human body and this makes skin care of utmost importance. There are many skin diseases that cause discomfort in us such as Eczema, Acne, Black spots, white spots, leucoderma, and psoriasis. Siddha medicines allow us a safer cost effective option of treating skin based ailments.


Here are 7 best Siddha medicines that are helpful in Skin care:


  1. Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera has been widely used as a skin rejuvenator. It gives us many benefits such as glowing skin. It is a magical plant that can be a solution to a vast number of skin problems and that is why it has been rightly named the ‘Plant of immortality’. The gel base in the leaves of Aloe Vera is very effective in skin and beauty care. Most importantly, it possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties that are vital in the treatment of skin diseases.

  2. Lemon Juice and almond oil

    A mixture of milk powder, almond oil, honey and lemon juice are used to make a paste which when applied on the face is helpful in reducing skin problems like pimples, acne, scars etc. The paste should be kept on the face for half an hour before washing off with fresh water.

  3. Baking soda

    Baking soda is a Siddha cure based on minerals that is helpful in the treatment of acne and pimples. Other skin related problems like black spots and wrinkles can also be dealt with using this Siddha remedy. A thick paste of soda and water must be applied on the face for half an hour before washing with fresh water.

  4. Neem leaves

    Neem leaves like Aloe Vera are also well known for their ability to heal skin problems. It is most suitable to treat skin allergies. Prepare a paste of Neem leaves by mashing them with water and apply the paste at night over the affected area before going to bed. Wash it off the next morning.

  5. Nanguneri Ennai

    It is an amalgamation of sandalwood paste, rose water, gingelee oil, tender coconut water and benzoin. It is very helpful in treatment of various skin allergies. The oil must be applied twice a day over the affected area and then it should be washed two hour after the application of oil using green gram powder.

  6. Paati Vaithiyam

    This is an ancient Siddha medicine that has been used frequently for treatment of skin problems like pimples, acne, black spots, wrinkles etc. It also helps to bring about instant glow on the face. It is also used as an effective remedy for skin itching, skin allergy and skin whitening.

  7. Chirattai Thailam

    It is one of the best Siddha remedies for treatment of warts, white spots, eczema, ringworm and other skin allergies and diseases. It is made from pure coconut shells and is used very frequently in skin treatment.

    Skin care is an important part of ensuring good health of the body. As skin is exposed to the atmosphere and the surroundings all the time, the chances of infections are comparatively large. Hence proper care of the skin must be taken. The above Siddha medicines are quite beneficial in treating skin diseases and allergies. However in case of ailments persisting over a long time and more severe in magnitude, it is recommended that a skin doctor must be consulted immediately. Also, the above information aims to educate people for fast aid medications and should not be used as a substitute to the Doctor’s prescription.

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