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10 Great YouTube Channels you should follow for Yoga

10 Great YouTube Channels you should follow for Yoga

Yoga is a necessity for everyone in the 21st century. With the advancements in our life style, Yoga has become a useful need for people who want to get relief from the jammed up burdens they face in their daily life. Online Yoga lessons help us a great deal in learning Yoga because of their convenience.


Here are 10 YouTube channels that can help you in learning Yoga:


  1. Yoga by Adrienne

    This channel showcases different types of Yoga that are primarily suited for weight loss and for beginners who are new to Yoga. This channel also features a yoga camp which makes you learn the basics of Yoga quite easily. The instructor on this channel also gives a spiritual phrase/Mantra that can be used for practice during Yoga.

  2. Yoga by Candace

    This channel focuses on eliminating anxiety, mental issues and sleeplessness by demonstrating various Yoga poses. Featuring Candace, an international Yoga instructor, her videos are about 15 to 30 minutes long involving complex Yoga poses and Mantra meditations.

  3. Jessica Smith TV

    Jessica Smith has her channel about Yoga on YouTube in which she uploads videos about removing negative thoughts and energy from your mind. This free channel also gives inputs about how to work out without using any equipment and also teaches how to burn fats effectively.

  4. BadYogi

    This channel run by Erin Motz includes full video tutorials about how to do Yoga after working out or after taking a walk. She also uploads stress busting videos that can help motivate the viewers.

  5. Yoga by Sean Vigue Fitness

    This channel uploads videos ranging from 30 to 40 minutes about doing Yoga exercises that are based on developing muscles. The videos in this channel are quite interactive and fun and will help a beginner learn to build muscles using Yoga very easily and efficiently. Moreover, the videos are both short and long making them suitable for anyone according to his/her preference.

  6. Sara Beth Yoga

    This channel features 3 types of Yoga: Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga. This paid channel illustrates good techniques for beginners and also helps out with basics related to meditation and power Yoga. This channel also teaches how to gain muscles and improve the health of the back body using Yoga.

  7. Fight Master Yoga

    This channel uploads videos based on Fun Yoga, flexibility and stretching and on meditation. It also describes Ashtanga Yoga and means for pregnant women to do Yoga. The channel also uploads videos on improving posture and alignment. The videos in this channel are easy to understand and are very informative for beginners.

  8. Ekhart Yoga

    This channel on YouTube uploads a video every week based on strengthening and energizing the body in every moment. The videos mainly focus on two types of Yoga: Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. The channel also uploads videos that are useful for beginners and for everyone else who wants to use Yoga as a means of weight loss and relaxation.

  9. Do You Yoga

    Do you Yoga channel demonstrates a wide variety of videos that enable us to balance the body and calm the nerves. The Yoga lessons involved focus on body parts like chest, shoulders and also helps to develop the posture of the body. The videos are ranging from 10 to 20 minutes meaning they are viewer friendly and are useful for beginners as well.

  10. Yoga by Psyche Truth

    This channel showcases different types of videos regarding education, health, fitness, mind control etc. The channel is mainly dedicated to awareness among people about Yoga and involves Yoga exercises based on weight loss and mind control. The videos in this channel are about 20 to 40 minutes long and are typically meant for beginners.

The onset of Online Yoga tutorials has facilitated means of accessing Yoga lessons easily. In a stressful world that gets so busy at times, the channels promoting Yoga on YouTube are a boon in this regard. However, beginners must be very careful and cautious to follow the instructions as said on videos for safety.

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