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10 precautions to be observed for prevention against COVID-19

10 precautions to be observed for prevention against COVID-19

Till date, there is no cure for COVID-19, the disease caused by Novel Coronavirus. So, what is it that we can do to break the chain i.e. prevent ourselves from getting infected and prevent it from spreading further? Healthcare experts from across the world have suggested the following 10 precautions to be observed:


  1. Maintain personal hygiene:

    This is the first thing that needs to be done. Take a thorough bath daily and keep yourself clean at all times.

  2. Wash hands well:

    One needs to wash hands as thoroughly and as often as possible. Use soap and rub your hands well, in between the fingers too, for at least 20 seconds before rinsing them with warm water preferably.

  3. Use sanitizer:

    Sanitise hands with a home-made sanitizer or a high alcohol content sanitizer (65-95% alcohol) whenever you touch objects and surfaces.

  4. Wear gloves:

    Wear gloves while touching the handrails, doorknobs, etc. These are frequently touched surfaces and therefore chances of infection transmission from them are very high. Clean and disinfect these frequently touched surfaces regularly.

  5. Elbow the doors:

    Use elbow or a stick for pushing the doors open and close

  6. Avoid touching your face:

    Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as they are the entry points for nCov virus

  7. Cough and sneeze hygiene:

    Cover the face as and when you cough and sneeze and wash your hands immediately after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. If you cough and sneeze into a tissue or handkerchief to contain the spread of droplets, the tissues should be disposed thoughtfully, and the handkerchief should be kept and put to wash separately in hot water so that others do not come in contact with it.

  8. Avoid contact with sick people:

    Avoid contact with people who are sick and stay at home if you are sick. The COVID-19 symptoms take some days to show up. Do not become an irresponsible carrier.

  9. Wear a mask:

    Cover your face with a mask, preferably an N95 mask while traveling or working in a public place. It is good to cover your head with a cap or headgear too. Wear socks and shoes, and not chappals or sandals while venturing out, if you really have to. Reduce the exposure as much as you possibly can.

  10. Observe social distancing:

    Avoid contact with large number of people and refrain from close contact like handshakes and hugs. While at a grocery store, maintain at least one meter distance from others. Do not venture near a person not wearing the mask.


COVID-19 Alert: If you think you have been exposed to novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and have developed any symptoms (cough, fever or difficulty breathing), call the Govt. of India helpline 1075 or the state helpline numbers for assistance.

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