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Homeopathic Remedies for Swollen Ankles

Homeopathic remedies for Swollen Ankles

The swelling of ankles may be due to various reasons. Some of the causes may be Trauma, sprain in the ankles, arthritis, infection or certain medications that may tend to affect the bones and nerve tissues. Medications including steroids and antidepressants also contribute heavily to the condition of swollen ankles. The improper functioning of the lymphatic system may also lead to the problem of swollen ankles.

Homeopathy medicinesfor swollen ankles involves the detailed analysis of the causes first and then proceeding into the medications.Swollen ankles caused due to injury, arthritis or sprains occurred can be treated wholly by using homeopathy.

Here are some homeopathic remedies for treatment of swollen ankles.

  1. Ledum Pal

    Ledum pal is a homeopathy medicine for swollen ankles due to arthritis. It is prevalently used when the ankles are swollen, tensed, painful and hot. Fast recovery has been reported with the use of this medicine for the treatment of swollen ankles due arthritis or due to infections of the gout. Application of cold pack to the swollen ankles will tend to give relief to the patient. However, warmth might aggravate the pain of the swollen ankles.

  2. Hamamelis

    Some cases of swollen ankles are a direct result of varicose veins. The symptoms in a condition of swollen ankles due to varicose veins are inflamed ankles due to congested veins. Sore and sharp pains in the ankles might be experienced. The best homeopathic medicine for swollen ankles due to varicose veins is hamamelis. It is one of the most effective medicines in treatment of swollen ankles due to varicose veins.

  3. Arnica

    Arnica is a homeopathic medicine for swollen ankles where swelling is primarily due to injuries and bruises. It is highly effective in treating ankles in such cases and the ankles are painful, bruised and sore to touch.

  4. Appis Mellifica & Apocynum

    Apis mellifica and Apocynum are homeopathic medicines used as remedies for swollen ankles due to retention of water or accumulation of fluids in between the tissues. Apis mellifica is used in cases where the symptoms are pale and waxy swollen ankles. Sensitive ankles are also one of the signs of cases where this medicine can be used. Stinging pain may be felt by the patient. Apocynum, on the other hand is specifically prescribed for dropsical swelling of ankles occurring after a recent cardiac disease. It is also one of the most useful homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles. Along with the ankles, dropsical swelling may also be observed in other parts of the body and in these cases too Apocynum is prescribed as a homeopathic medicine.

  5. Ruta

    At times, swollen ankles may be a result of sprains. A sprain is a condition of overstretched ligaments that help in holding the joints together. Ruta is one of the top most preferred homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles due to a sprain. A swollen ankle due to sprain is characterised by weakness in the ankles joint and pain along with a limping walking posture.

    Homeopathic medicines are very much preferable as far as the cases of swollen ankles are concerned. This is inferred from the fact that the presence of no side effects will be safe for the body and will not affect other vital organs of the body. It is advised to the readers that any form of medication must be consulted with the doctor first before use.

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