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Health Benefits of Corns

Health Benefits of Corns

Corns or sweet corns are not a vegetable rather are a type of pulse. These are widely consumed in the countries such as USA and South America. It over the years has become a staple diet in many countries. Kernels of the corn are known to contain majority of the corn’ nutrition and hence are the most consumed component of this vegetable. The colour of corns differs based on the region it is grown in as well as the climate it is subjected to. Sweet corn is one of the variant of these corns and is loved by many as it is known to contain a sweet taste. These little pea shaped corns are known to possess a great number of health advantages.

Nutritional Value of Sweet Corns (100g)

Calories 86
Total Fat 1.2g 1%
Total Carbohydrate 19g 6%
Dietary Fibre 2.7g 10%
Protein 3.2g 6%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 11%
Calcium 0%
Iron 2%

Health Benefits of Sweet Corns

  1. Are known to be a rich source of Calories

    Sweet corn is known to be high in caloric content and hence can be consumed as one of the foods for healthy weight gain. It is known to contain 86 g of calories for every 100g which makes it an incredible food to consume for easy weight pick up.

  2. Is known to reduce the chance of colorectal cancer as well as haemorrhoids

    This vegetable is known to contain high amounts of fibre which is one of the crucial components which helps in relieving numerous digestion issues. It is connected with lowering of problems such as constipation while at the same time helps in decreasing the chances of colon cancer. It helps in bulking up the stool, and thus allowing smooth passage of it through digestive tract.

  3. Are known to be rich wellspring of vitamins

    Sweet Corn is rich in vitamin B, particularly Thiamin and Niacin. Thiamin is crucial for maintaining the health of nerves as well as taking care of the cognitive functions. Corn is additionally a decent wellspring of Pantothenic acid, which is a fundamental vitamin for starch, protein, and lipid digestion system in the body.

  4. Is known to provide with necessary minerals

    Sweet Corn contains minerals which are known to provide numerous advantages in the human bodies. Phosphorous, alongside magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron and copper are found in abundance in corn. It likewise contains minerals like selenium, which are hard to discover in most ordinary weight control plans. Phosphorous is crucial for controlling general development, bone wellbeing and ideal kidney working. Magnesium is essential for keeping up a typical heart rate and for expanding bone quality.

  5. Is known to possess to contain high amounts of anti-oxidants

    According to research conducted sweet corns are known to contain high volumes of anti-oxidants which tend to help in fighting against cancer causing agents. Sweet corn is also known to contain compounds such as ferulic acid which has been found to be effective in fighting against compounds causing breast cancer. Anthocyanin found in corns has been known to fight against the free radicals and hence causing death of cancer cells while leaving aside the healthy cells.

  6. Is good for your heart health

    Sweet corns have been known to possess anti-atherogenic effect on cholesterols and hence diminishing the danger of different cardiovascular illnesses. Corn oil, especially, is the most ideal approach to increase heart wellbeing as this is known to contain high amounts of unsaturated fats.

  7. Is known to Counteracts Anaemia

    Sweet corn has been known to prevent disease such as anaemia caused due to inadequacy of vitamins. Corn additionally has high levels of iron, which is one of the key minerals expected to shape new red platelets; a lack in iron is one of the fundamental driver of weakness too.

  8. Is known to bring down LDL Cholesterol

    Utilization of corn husk oil brings down LDL cholesterol by diminishing cholesterol ingestion in the body. This decrease of LDL cholesterol does not mean a reduction in the levels of HDL cholesterol, which is viewed as “great cholesterol” and can have an assortment of helpful impacts on the body, including the diminishment of coronary illness.

  9. Is known to contain high volumes of Vitamin-A

    Yellow corn is a rich wellspring of beta-carotene, which frames vitamin An in the body and is key for the support of good vision and skin. Beta-carotene is an awesome wellspring of vitamin-An as it is changed over inside the body, yet just in the sums that the body requires. Vitamin-A can be poisonous if an excess amount is consumed.

  10. Is known to help in controlling diabetes and hypertension

    Over the years patients suffering from diabetes have increased significantly. This is due to many reasons however the prime reason being poor nourishment. Consuming healthy vegetables such as sweet corn has been known to decrease chances of this disease. Though being filled of starch they don’t cause any sudden spike or increase in the levels of glucose and due to presence of certain phytochemicals have been known to be beneficial in cases of hypertension to. Phytochemicals also tends to absorb excess of insulin from the body and thereby reducing the chances of fluctuation in the levels of glucose.

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