1. Feeding the child through the mother’s breast is the best way to give it the required diet.

1. Child should not be lying below you or at the lower level than of your breasts because child may develop some ear trouble which causes much problem in the grown up age.

CLEANLINESS is absolutely imperative for the child. As he or she has no such consciousness on his or her own and the skin is very soft and sensitive, unclean nappies are bound to create some skin problems for the child.

Family Planning and birth control are the most crying needs of our time, at least in India.

The health of the mother, the rate of production of milk, the health and growth of the baby, the nutritive quality of the milk: all these factors have to be considered.

1. It is as important as to make him learn breast feeding. As the child grows, its physical need for good also grows and after about for months he or she should also be given easily digestible other eatables like soup, dal-water and other liquid diets. Even some semi-liquid food can also be given at this stage.

Often cracks develop around the nipples, and sometimes there is swelling too. In some cases the breasts become hard and painful because of the formation of lumps. There is even a possibility of pus formation.

As far as mother-milk’s importance to the baby is concerned, the WHO, the UNICEF, the International Organisation of Gynaecologists

Physiological Jaundice

In physiological jaundice inborn children may develop yellow of the eyes on 3rd or 4th day. This may appear in a week or two.

With growing infant the need to supplement the milk-diet with other type of food often arises. In cases the baby has been underweight from the time of its birth, it needs additional supplies of iron, calcium and vitamin D right from the age of one month.

1. High quality proteins is what human body needs most i.e. proteins containing all the ten essential amino acids. Such proteins are available in milk, cheese, eggs and other animal protein foods.

The main reasons for underproduction of breast milk are physical weakness, food lacking in nutritive value, excessive exertion, mental disquiet, worry, agitation, etc.