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Underproduction of Breast Milk & Measures to Increase Production of Breast Milk

Underproduction of Breast Milk & Measures to Increase Production of Breast Milk

The main reasons for underproduction of breast milk are physical weakness, food lacking in nutritive value, excessive exertion, mental disquiet, worry, agitation, etc.Sometimes the reason is simply unwillingness to breast-feed the baby. The mother should in such cases take measures to increase the production of milk.

1. First and foremost, she should increase the proportion of leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in her daily diet.

2. If necessary, she should take medicines to supplement her intake of minerals and salts.

3. She should take adequate rest and avoid thoughts that cause worry or concern. This will assure increased production of milk.

4. Another thing she can try is this : every night she should soak about 50 grammes of suva grains (sowa seeds, shepu) in one litre of water. In the morning she should boil and filter the mixture, and drink the filtered water after adding some ghee (clarified butter) and honey to it. This is usually effective in increasing the secretion of milk.

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Measures to increase production of breast-milk:

(1) Take simple, nutritious food in adequate quantities.

(2) Drink sufficient quantities of pure water. Two litres of water should be taken in the interval between two meals.

(3) Avoid taking strong tea or coffee, but take about a litre and a half of milk instead.

(4) Form a habit of taking thin buttermilk that is not too sour, if it agrees with you.

(5) Early in the morning, drink a litre of water to which the juice of a lemon has been added. Drink two glasses of water or milk before breast-feeding the baby.

(6) Take calcium lactate and phosphates at eleven in the morning daily during the entire period of breast-feeding.

(7) Form the habit of going to bed early.

(8) Massage the breasts lightly very day.

(9) Use lemons and oranges freely in your daily diet.

(10) Maintain a positive and optimistic frame of mind, and concentrate on the thought that your breasts are going to produce plentiful amounts of milk.

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(11) If the secretion of milk is not initiated with the birth of the baby, an injection of Pitocin every day for three days will definitely help.

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