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Health Benefits of Cabbage

Health Benefits of Cabbage

You might be consuming this vegetable on a regular basis but do you know how much health benefits does it contain? Yes, this vegetable which belongs to the ‘Brassica’ family is normally found to be oval in shape. Consisting of soft and whitish inner leaves this vegetable is known to be consumed all around the world. Consumed in the wide variety of ways this is normally eaten by cooking or raw in salads. It has numerous health benefits and acts as a cure for many diseases. This is one of the prime components which help in the curing of heart conditions and also tends to fulfill the deficiency of certain elements. It is known to possess numerous other benefits each one of which is listed below.

Nutritional Value of Cabbage (100g)

Calories 25
Total Fat 0.1g 0.0%
Sodium 18mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 6g 2%
Dietary Fiber 2.8g 10%
Protein 1.3g 2%
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 60%
Calcium 4%
Iron 2%

Health Benefits of Cabbage

  1. Prevention of Cancer

    As we have told before cabbage is a member of Brassica family. The important trait of these vegetables is the high amount of anti-oxidant that they contain. All the member of this family is known to find and remove the cancer-causing cells in the body. Cabbage is also known to contain some compounds such as lupeol, sinigrin etc. which are known to initiate the functions of enzyme which as a result tends to stop the development of tumours or cancers.

  2. Is Known to Possess Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    Yes, cabbage is also known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. This can be credited to the presence of glutamine present in the cabbage leaves. This component is known to contain a strong measure of anti-inflammatory functions which tends to reduce issues such as allergy and infections.

  3. Eyes Health Care

    Cabbage is known to contain beta-carotene which is responsible for maintaining eye health. Certain people when they turn older face issues such as macular degeneration. This issue can be cured by consuming cabbage. Cabbage also tends to prevent the possibility of cataract development and prostate cancer.

  4. Helps in Weight Loss

    It is one of the best alternatives for people who want to lose some weight in a healthy way. This vegetable contains a lot of Vitamins and minerals and hence is a good alternative to go for. Also, this is known to provide a feeling of fulfillment thanks to the fiber present in the same. Also, this food doesn’t tend to add up many calories and has only 33 calories per 100 gm.

  5. Helps Promote Brain Health

    Yes, this vegetable is also a powerful food for the brain. The presence of K class of Vitamins makes it a good food to consume for increasing mental functions as well as concentration. Vitamin K is known to promote maintenance of brain nerves and hence in this way improves overall brain functioning.

  6. Helps Promote Bone Health

    This vegetable is known to contain certain mineral like calcium and magnesium each of which is known to increase the strength of bones as well as increase its density. Also, they tend to protect the bones from issues such as osteoporosis.

  7. Tends to control Blood Pressure

    Cabbage is known to contain potassium which is one of the excellent compounds for control of blood pressure. Potassium is a vasodilator which means it tends to expand the blood vessels and hence eases the flow of blood through the veins. This, as a result, tends to keep the level blood pressure low.

  8. Acts as an anti-aging agent

    This vegetable as told before tends to contain high amounts of Vitamin C along with elements such as Sulphur, Anthocyanin etc. All these compounds are known to contain anti-oxidants which tend to fight against the elements causing aging and at the same time tend to keep the skin healthy. They fight against the free radicals which cause the process of aging such as wrinkles, skin discoloration etc.

  9. Tends to Prevent and Cure Muscle Pain

    Cabbages, when cooked, are known to produce lactic acid. This is one of the compounds which are easily found in numerous diets. This lactic acid has been known to be an effective remedy against muscle pain or soreness. Therefore this cabbage has been known to act as a general pain reliever.

  10. Helps in Detoxification

    Yes, cabbage has been known to be a good detoxifier. This means that it tends to purify blood while at the same time removes any other sort of toxins present in the body. They fight against compounds which cause issues such as skin disease and eczema.


Although most of the people tend to consume this vegetable in cooked form, the cooking process leads to loss of many nutrients. This loss of nutrients can be avoided by consuming these cabbage leaves in raw form, either in the form of salad or part of any other dish.

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