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Homeopathic Remedies for Heat Rashes

Homeopathic remedies for heat rashes

Heat rashes are basically skin irritations appearing due to hot and humid weather conditions. They are prevalent in the summer season and are worsened by the heat of the surroundings. It is caused when sweat is trapped underneath the skin and slogs the skin pores. This appears in the form of tiny red rashes called miliaria or prickly heat. It is quite itchy and normally does disappear within very few days if placed in proper care. However when not treated properly, they might interfere with the body’s cooling mechanism and maybe the cause of fevers. Heat rashes mainly occur on the neck, chest, back and abdomen.

Homeopathy is a simple system of alternative medicine that aims to cure the body via self healing. It is based on the principle that “like cures like”. The concept of self healing itself makes the medication safe enough to be practised. Homeopathy medicines are very efficient in treatment of heat rashes as they comprise of natural substances and health friendly without any side effects. They also help to eliminate the root cause of the rash and ensure that the treatment is effective on the long run. Here are some of the homeopathic remedies that can be employed for treatment of heat rashes.

  1. Natrum Mur

    Natrum Mur is an ideal homeopathy cure for treating heat rashes that tend to grow with increase in physical activities. The heat rashes may show signs of sharp shooting pain in the eruptions following any physical activity. Itching, pricking and stinging sensation may also be experienced with the eruptions. Natrum Mur provides relief by lessening the pain when the heat rash is exposed to the sun. In such cases, the itching and pricking sensations are considerably reduced. The person to be administered with Natrum Mur may also possess a craving for salty food. Natrum Mur may also be used when there is fever accompanying the discomfort of the skin rashes.

  2. Apis Mellifica

    Apis mellifica is the best homeopathy medicine for relief from itching, stinging, prickling and burning sensations of heat rashes. It helps soothe the burning and prickling sensation of heat rash cases. This homeopathy cure is best used for cases where the skin is red and the skin eruptions are very sensitive to touch. However, a bathe in cold water might help reduce the skin irritation and may help deal with the skin rashes in a cooler manner without the problems of itching or burning.

  3. Graphites

    At times, it may also be seen that the prickly heat skin rash erupts and oozes a thick fluid that resembles pus. These eruptions are seen when the rash gets infected which is typically rare unless proper hygiene is maintained. Such oozing rashes may be found behind the ears, over the head, on the eyelids or on the genitals. In such a condition, the use of Graphites 200 will provide immediate relief from the irritation due to the infected rash. Graphites 200 is thus a homeopathy medicine that can be used to treat rashes that have been infected.

  4. Sulphur

    Sulphur is a useful homeopathic cure for prickly heat rash. It is a top natural remedy used for relief from itching and burning sensations of the heat rash. This is specifically recommended for people who scratch the rashes especially at night. At night, the rash may be become itchy due to the warmth of the bed which further aggravates the sensation of burning. It is also particularly useful when there is a burning sensation all over the body and the skin tends to be very dry and scaly. Bathing in warm water also increases the irritation and therefore, cold water baths must be taken to provide immediate relief from the discomfort. The use of sulphur will show healthy improvements in lesser time.

  5. Aconite and Chamomilla

    Aconite and chamomilla are considered to be the best homeopathy medicine for treatment of heat rashes in children and infants. Aconite may be used when red pimples that are very itchy appear on the body while the use of chamomilla can be when the infant has heat rash with itching that worsens at night. The child tends to get restless and gets irritated due to excessive itching and may feel relieved when the body of the child is exposed to open air. The child may also have an acute thirst most of the times due to the excessive heat or humidity in the surrounding in such cases.

  6. Hepar Sulph

    Hepar sulph is very effectively used as a homeopathy medicine to treat heat rashes with pus-containing eruptions. This homeopathy cure is used when a person is having very sensitive pustules on the skin with vigorous prickling and burning sensation. The pustules are extremely sensitive to touch and the person may have a sensitive skin around the rash. Hepar sulph helps to reduce the skin irritation while simultaneously drying up the eruption. A person who requires Hepar Sulph may be observed to undergo excessive perspiration.

    Homeopathy provides a safer and efficient manner of treatment of skin rashes that can help cure it at its root. As there are no side effects involved, homeopathy is a preferred option as far as Allopathy is concerned. Also homeopathy is helpful in providing long term relief to skin rashes. However, every medication must be prescribed by the doctor before being used appropriately for any condition. Hence, it is strictly advised to the readers to consult a doctor before using any medications. The above medications are specifically meant for information, not for self prescription. They are not a substitute to the doctor’s view. Be smart. Stay healthy. Cheers!

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