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Cure Yourself from Obesity using Unani

Cure Yourself from Obesity using Unani

Obesity is a lifestyle disorder primarily arising from nutritional imbalance in the body. It is the result of excessive consumption of junk foods and fatty oils that can cause serious problems in the body. Obese people are often diagnosed with cardiac ailments and hypertension that can be serious causes of worry at some point of time. Obesity may also lead to a plethora of life threatening ailments like Diabetes, Osteo-arthritis, gynaecological ailments etc. Given the seriousness of obesity as a health issue, it must be dealt with so as to avoid the occurrence of ailments that pose serious risk to life. Unani medicines have found a conservative and effective way of dealing with Obesity such that our body is restored to its proper health.


Here are some Unani Cures that will aid in assisting us against Obesity:


  1. Lemon Juice

    Lemon juice is an essential part of Unani cure that can be very helpful in reducing the problem of Obesity. The mixture of lemon juice in water when consumed can melt the adipose tissue from the body while effecting weight loss. A mixture of 5-10 mL of lemon juice in a glass of water must be consumed early in the morning in empty stomach to deal with Obesity. However, care must be given to the fact that larger consumption of the lemon juice in water may cause loose motion and acidity too along with some digestive problems.

  2. Majoon-e-Muhazzil

    This Unani medicine is very effective in minimising fats from the body contributing significantly in reducing Obesity. 10 grams of this must be consumed before going to bed at night for fruitful results.

  3. Jawarish Kamooni Kabir

    It is a useful Unani medicine that can be helpful in obesity patients. This Unani cure must be consumed in quantities of 4-6 grams twice per day for visible results.

  4. Majoon-e-Muqil

    This Unani Cure has been found beneficial for Obesity patients when consumed in doses of 10 grams during the night before going to bed.

  5. Luke-e-Maghsool (Lac)

    A gram of Lac when consumed with a glass of water in the morning can give rewarding benefits against obesity. This Unani medicine is widely used to fight Obesity.

Obesity is largely effected due to individual errors relating to food habits and lifestyle. While Unani medicines do help us in our quest against Diabetes, it is a matter of our own discretion to change our food habits and lifestyle to avoid the problem of Obesity. It is thus advised that junk foods must be avoided as much as possible and regular exercise must be carried out in order to have a healthy body.

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