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Watermelons are known to be local to South Africa and there are numerous types of this fruit available. These types of fruits which range from sweet to sour are available in numerous sizes.

Cantaloupes are very delicious fruits that have a wide assortment of related medical advantages, including the strength of the immune system,

Based on where you are on the planet, you might know cape gooseberries by different names, including golden berry, poha, Aztec berry, harankash, or Physalis and many more.

Cashews – these super nuts have a place with the family of fruits called “Anacardiaceous”, which additionally incorporates mangoes and pistachios, and are local to the seaside regions of northeastern Brazil.

Chebulic Myrobalan (Terminalia Cebula) or Haritka is a typical Indian herb.

Brilliantly flavourful, cherry is with loaded with wellbeing supplements and one of kind cancer prevention agents. These cherries are local to Eastern Europe and Asian districts.