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10 Things Beginners must know about Yoga

10 Things Beginners must know about Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual method of relieving stress and depression issues we generally carry due to the lifestyles we follow so deeply. Yoga benefits us by allowing our body and mind to be relaxed simultaneously in a more organised and peaceful manner. The various Yoga exercises allow our body to be united with our mind in the quest of achieving sound mental and physical health.


Here are 10 things beginners must know about Yoga:


  1. The stronger your mind, the better you are at Yoga

    This is the most important thing about Yoga that everyone must know. Mind and body are interconnected and hence, the stronger your willpower is, the better you will be at focussing in Yoga and which further leads to healthier effects of Yoga on you.

  2. Hands are an essential component of Yoga.

    In Yoga, your hands are a valuable and inseparable part. During most Yoga exercises, hands play a vital role in the perfection of the exercise and this makes your hands crucial at bettering Yoga.

  3. Yoga is not just sitting with a pose(Asana)

    Yoga is often mistaken to be primarily comprising of Asanas and poses. In reality, Yoga is far more sophisticated than just the postures. It has got everything to do with the mind and the body simultaneously. Yoga requires coherence between the body and mind.

  4. Perfection is not a day away

    For every beginner, it is imperative to understand that Yoga needs years of practice to be done accurately. So always be positive about learning and be patient about Yoga. It is literally impossible to master the techniques about Yoga in a day.

  5. Be gentle and slow while performing Yoga

    Some yoga exercises require complicated postures and body positions. It should be understood that such postures need steady balance and slow movements of body parts. Do not practise Yoga in a hurry. Take your time to perfect anything.

  6. Before you start, understand what the certain technique you are about to do is all about.

    Yoga exercises are often meticulously related to certain body parts. Before performing any technique, first understand what the Asana/meditation is all about. Understand the basics of the Asana and then proceed into doing it.

  7. Know how to sit comfortably

    Sitting comfortably is the key to perfection in Yoga. Sitting on the ground comfortably induces a sense of gratitude and humility that allows our mind to calm down. Sitting properly is an important aspect of Yoga given that most Asana involve sitting on the ground.

  8. Sun Salutation is a must.

    The Sun Salutation is an inseparable part of Yoga. It is one of the things you must know about before doing Yoga. It involves stretching and toning, two of the best things the body needs badly at times. It helps warm up and allows the body to prepare appreciably just before performing an asana.

  9. The Revolved Triangle Pose is the statue of what Yoga stands for.

    The Revolved Triangle Pose combines stability and ease quite extensively symbolizing what Yoga stands for. Yoga benefits us by bringing about a zone of comfort in our life by making us mentally and physically stable. So beginners must learn this Asana accurately.

  10. Be patient while doing the backbends

    Backbends can be quite frustrating initially. The amount of strength involved in doing backbends is considerably large and so it is advised that beginners be patient while learning to perfect this act.


Yoga is an art that needs rigorous practice and constant patience. Rome was not built in a day. And we can all learn from that saying. So for those who are relatively newer to Yoga, be calm and patient throughout the time you do Yoga. It does take healthy amount of time before you start doing Yoga the way it is meant to be done. So see through the initial phase with calmness and then see the magic Yoga brings about on your body and mind.

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