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Pregnancy Care

Mostly the pregnant women, especially if it is their first delivery, get unusually worried about their deciphering the correct time of the delivery.

Most of the pregnant women complicate the process of even normal delivery because of their timid nature. They must be told that there is no such danger as even their mother and grandmothers have passed through this stage with fortitude and courage.

Generally, major portions of the delivery in our country take place at home-particularly in villages. There is a network of maternal and child health centers providing assistance through auxiliary nurse midwives to have delivery in a sanitary and hygienic environment.

Having confirmed conception or even if be a matter of surmise, a visit to obstetrician is a must. Notwithstanding the ‘seasoned’ old aunties, mother-in-law or even mother’s guidance, consulting the expert in the line is indispensable. The first consultation of the pregnant lady with the obstetrician is of greatest importance.

There are essential tests which are carried out in the laboratory which reveal about the health of both the mother and the baby inside her womb, as also prepare the treating physician about some complications the delivery might present before him (or her).

It is a mistaken belief that pregnancy is an ordeal through which the woman emerges only after losing her physical beauty, her charms, her contours and her curves. A well-balanced diet, regular exercise, can make her preserve her charms and the post pregnancy exercise and dietary regimes can turn her into a new woman.

Diet for the pregnant woman is a very important consideration. Let alone women, even men in our country are quite ignorant about the ideal diet.

There are about five percent cases in which the delivery is not normal due to various reasons. Some prominent reasons are being described below.

During the pregnancy, the lady undergoes many mental and physical changes which have been discussed in details in the previous pages. As hinted earlier, most of these changes vanish and the lady’s body becomes almost normal.

The following suggestions or guidelines should be copied down by the expectant mother to be pasted on its bed-rest or any nearly convenient place.

Pregnancy is the culmination of the ultimate dream of a woman. It is the beginning of her becoming creative in the ultimate sense of the term; She is now in the process of begetting another human being. It is because of this reason that mother is accorded the highest importance in our society. Mother, as the greatest poet of Modern India R. N. Tagore says, is the living God on the earth.

For centuries together some wrong notions have been perpetuated by quacks to exploit the gullible for their selfish gains. Some of them are listed below with the right answers supported by the latest researches in the field of medical sciences.