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Health Benefits of Vietnamese Cinnamon

Health Benefits of Vietnamese Cinnamon

Known by many other names such as Cinnamomum loureiroi, vietnames cinnamon is one variety of cinnamon found in the South Asian countries. The bark of this plant is basically utilised for the purpose of flavouring numerous foods as well as beverages. The oil which is extracted from the leaves of this plant is also utilised for numerous medicinal properties. This plant is grown mostly in the region of Burma as well as China and is one of the most common ingredients in their cuisine. This plant is a member of cassia cinnamon family and is usually derived from the inner bark of the plant while the other varieties of this herb are derived from the exterior portions. Let’s see what all health advantages this plant offers.

Primary Use of this Herb

The herb is primarily used to treat numerous digestive issues such as diarrhoea and constipation. It is also one of the common remedies to treat depression.

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Chemical And Nutrient Content in Vietnamese Cinnamon

This herb contains following compounds

  • Benz aldehyde
  • Chavicol
  • Cinamic Aldehyde
  • Cinamyl Acetate
  • Linalool

Health Benefits of Vietnamese Cinnamon

  1. Helps in Curing Diarrhoea

    This herb is known to have varied effects on the digestive system of the body. It is used to cure issues such as diarrhoea while at the same time is responsible for regulating the movement of bowel. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria while the presence of fibre binds the loose stool and adds a mass to it.

  2. Is an Effective Anti-depressant

    The essential oil derived from this herb is known to act as an anti-depressant, and is responsible for uplifting the mood and inducing the feeling of wellbeing.

  3. Anti-Emetic Properties

    The oil is known to contain compounds which prevent the occurrence of issues such as vomiting and in this way drives away the feeling of nausea.

  4. Prevention Against Arthritis and Rheumatism

    This herb is known to stimulate the movement of blood across the body and in this way brings about warmth in the areas affected by joint pain as well arthritis.

  5. Is known to possess anti-microbial Properties

    This herb has been known to prevent microbial growth across the body and is useful in prevention against colon cancer as well as kidney infections.

  6. Acts as a Stimulant

    Vietnamese cinnamon has been known to act as a stimulant and hence in this way tends to kick start numerous processes in the human body such as healthy digestion as well as absorption and in this way tend to maintain wellbeing of a person.

  7. Is known to Possess Carminative Properties

    Cinnamon as a herb tends to kick out excess of gas from the body and also stops any excess gas from developing.

How to Use

  • It is used in numerous dishes as a flavouring compound especially in the Chinese cuisine.
  • The powder generated by grounding this herb is utilised for treating numerous digestive issues.
  • The oil extracted from the herb is also utilised for healthcare as well as other benefits.


It tends to produce a bit of irritation in the skin as well as the mucus membrane and hence should not be consumed by pregnant women.

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