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Homeopathic Medicines for Gas

Homeopathic Medicines for Gas

With changing lifestyle and the type of food, most of us suffer through digestion problems. Formation of gas is the most common of all. Due to irregular timings for having meals, consumption of fast food and cold drinks and other factors have led to gas problems in most of the people. Taking a tablet every day for gas is not recommended and so the best way to get rid of gases is Homeopathic treatment! So, let’s have look at the most common and effective homeopathic medicines for digestive issues, especially the gases.

  1. Carbo Veg

    Do you suffer through gas very often? Are you tired of burping and other such uncomfortable situations? If yes, then the best homeopathic treatment for you is Carbo Veg. This homeopathic medicine is known to cure gas effectively and quickly, giving you relief from stomach ache, burping, indigestion and other such symptoms that come along with gases. Pains in the areas near heart and abdomen are also relieved using this medicine as it works without any side effects.

  2. Lycopodium

    Whenever a patient suffers through excessive gas problems that are particularly formed in the evenings, affecting the lower abdomen, the best way to get rid of those painful gases is Lycopodium, the best medicine for such gases. In such cases of gas, there is a feeling of fermentation in the lower abdomen.

  3. China Officinalis

    No, we are not talking about the country China, but this is the name of a homeopathic medicine for gases. This homeopathic medicine is very effective in cases where there is bloating observed in the abdomen. So, for all those who suffer through severe gas problems, China is a great medicine to go for!

  4. Nux Vomica

    This is one of the most common homeopathic medicines used for common ailments, one of them being gas. This homeopathic treatment is useful in cases where patients consume large amounts of alcohols and rich food. Nux Vomica is also effective against many other medical problems and so this medicine should be present in every household.

  5. Podophyllum

    This homeopathic medicine is considered as one of the best medicines for treating digestive problems like indigestion, gas and constipation. Podophyllum is effective against gases and constipation which can cause a lot of pain for the patients.

  6. Hydrastis

    Hydrastis, one of the best homeopathic medicines, is considered very effective against the indigestion problems that can be caused due to formation of gases. Also, this medicine is best for patients who have sore stomachs which lead to all the digestion-related problems.

  7. Zingiber

    To get rid of nausea, bloating and pain caused due to formation of gases in the digestive system, the patients can go for Zingiber, a homeopathic medicine, for sure without any doubt! In such cases, the patient feels like the stomach is converted into a heavy stone and so one should definitely keep this medicine with them if they constantly suffer through this problem!

  8. Natrum Carb

    Gases can be formed due to changed eating habits or due to weak digestion. So, for all such patients, Natrum Carb is the best homeopathic treatment. This medicine is also effective against other digestive problems like sore stomach, bitter taste, burping and heartburn.

So, these are some of the best homeopathic medicines for digestive problems, especially the gases. These medicines are very effective, but while consuming these medicines, one can be very careful about the potency and the dosage so as to avoid any side effects. Homeopathic medicines, if taken in appropriate amounts have no side effects. So, in case of digestion problems, definitely go for these medicines!

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