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How to Treat Diabetes with Homeopathy

How to treat diabetes with homeopathy

Diabetes is a medical condition where the sugar levels in your blood are high enough to cause you other problems. There are two types of diabetes- Type I and Type II.

In type I diabetes, the patient’s body is not able to generate insulin. So, it is also known as insulin-dependent Diabetes and generally occurs in children or young adults.

The Type II diabetes is the condition when there is defective insulin produced in the body. This leads to increase in the resistance of tissue to the insulin.

There are many allopathic medicines available for controlling diabetes, and here are some homeopathic medicines that can support these allopathic medicines. We will be seeing in detail ‘Homeopathy for Diabetes’. As these medicines are made from completely natural elements, so these homeopathic treatments are free from any side effects, which is its plus point! So, here is a list of top-notch homeopathic medicines which are highly recommended for the diabetic patients.

  1. Syzygium Jambolanum

    This medicine is one of the best homeopathic treatments you can have for diabetes. This medicine is highly effective in controlling diabetes by maintaining the appropriate levels of sugar in the blood. The diabetic patients also suffer through excessive urination, excessive thirst and ulcers and this medicine proves to be a relief for all these patients as it fights against all such problems.

  2. Phosphorus

    Diabetic patients in some cases, also suffer from weak vision as a side effect. These patients can completely rely on Phosphorus, a homeopathic medicine for diabetes, to treat their medical problem. It is very useful in maintaining healthy levels of sugar in the blood.

  3. Phosphoric Acid

    Diabetic patients feel very exhausted all the time due to diabetes. This gives them a feeling of weakness and so it is important that they have food at proper times. Some people feel mentally exhausted while some feel physically exhausted. To overcome this symptom, the Phosphoric Acid, a homeopathic medicine, is very effective. Always keep this medicine with you if you come under this category of diabetic patients.

  4. Gymnema Sylvestre

    As we have seen above, the effects of diabetes are exhaustion and feeling of weakness. Due to these problems, many diabetic patients start losing their weight. This is even more dangerous as the food intake and the energy goes on decreasing. So, here is a homeopathic medicine, Gymnema Sylvestre, which is a tonic for improving the immunity and overall health of the patient. Once the patient starts using this medicine, he is definitely going to feel rejuvenated and energetic from within.

  5. Abroma Augusta

    The diabetic patients usually suffer from a lot of other problems. These include exhaustion, losing weight, weakness, excessive thirst, dryness of mouth and excessive urination. There are different medicines suggested, but here is a homeopathic medicine that can cure all these problems effectively and quickly. Abroma Augusta is one of the best medicines for all the diabetic patients as it treats sleeplessness as well. It gives immense relief from skin problems like boils and helps in getting rid of burning sensation in the entire body.

So, these were the top 5 homeopathic treatments for treating diabetes and supporting the allopathic treatments. As they are free from any side effects, consuming these medicines in right amounts at right time will benefit all the diabetic patients for sure! So, if you are a diabetic patient, then you must own the above mentioned homeopathic medicines in order to avoid any medical issues. Be careful with their doses and potency.

So, go for homeopathy treatment and enjoy being fit and fine!

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