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Health Benefits of Vanilla

Health Benefits of Vanilla

Whenever, you hear the world ‘vanilla’ the first thing that comes to your mind are those mouth-watering ice creams which you absolutely drool at. However, the vanilla is utilised for much more benefits that simply adding a flavour to your ice cream. All over the world you would be able to find more than 60 different varieties of Vanilla. Primarily this plant can be found in America, Florida as well as Mexico. These remain vines throughout the year and are known not to possess any leaves ever. This is the only vine which is known to produce edible fruits. The process of transforming the beans into spice is one of the most complicated steps and this is the reason the products containing this compounds are costly. The flowers of this plant are known to bloom just for a day and hence pollination is done manually. Let’s see what advantages these plants offer to your health.

Primary Use of this Herb

This is one of few herbs which are used due to its astringent as well as carminative properties. They are known to cure issues such as flatulence and can also keep numerous digestion related issues at bay.

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Chemical And Nutrient Content in Vanilla

This herb contains following compounds

  • Vanillin Glucoside
  • Benz aldehyde
  • Methyl Ether

Health Benefits of Vanilla

  1. Contains high volumes of Anti-oxidants

    This property of vanilla provides you with many health benefits. You may not know much about this but oxidation is one of the major reasons for numerous health related issues. Oxidizers or free radicals which are present in your body are responsible for transforming the healthy cells into cancerous ones and hence can cause issues such as rupturing of DNA and other serious ailments. Vanilla tends to prevent this by removing these free radicals out of the body.

  2. Improves you Sexual performance

    Consuming vanilla in controlled amounts helps in treating issues such as impotence and erectile dysfunction. The essential oil produced from this herb is utilised for stimulation of hormones such as testosterone and hence promotes the sexual life of person.

  3. Known to possess Ant carcinogenic properties

    To some degree, the ant carcinogenic property of vanilla oil originates from its cancer prevention agent properties. The free radicals or oxidants don’t just harm tissues, yet can likewise bring about certain kind of diseases, for example, those of the prostrate and colon. This herb tends to control the development of harmful cells, accordingly curing, avoid, or backing off the process of cancer development.

  4. Can Help in Prevention Against Numerous Sorts of Fevers

    The vanilla herb serves as an effective agent in treatment against numerous sorts of infections. They are known to contain certain compounds such as Eugenol which are known to possess infection fighting qualities. It also acts as a sedative and is responsible for treating inflammation caused from fevers.

  5. Energizer

    You were sitting alone, all disappointed. At that point, somebody presented to you a vanilla frozen treat or a vanilla-seasoned beverage. You drink it and all of a sudden, your mood is lifted and the disappointment is gone! You begin feeling satisfied, fulfilled and show signs of improvement. This is one of the major advantages of the Vanilla; its powerful fragrance is responsible for boosting up your mood and hence acting as an anti-depressant and mood lifter.

  6. Acts as a Sedative

    Vanilla is known to help the body in countless ways. It alleviates a wide range of aggravation and hyperactivity in the frameworks of the body, including the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, anxious and excretory frameworks. It decreases any inflammation which is caused due to fever, anxiety or any other such issue.

  7. Possess Unwinding Properties

    The oil derived from the vanilla has an unwinding and quieting impact on the mind and the nerves that gives help from tension, displeasure, and anxiety.

  8. Possess Tranquilizing Properties

    The oil derived from Vanilla helps you to get great night’s rest too. This is because of the soothing and unwinding properties of this oil. It brings down circulatory strain and has a tranquilizing effect on the cerebrum that makes it difficult to keep your eyelids open.

How to Use

  • The entire pod is utilised for production of essential oil as well as fragrance.
  • The powdered form of pod is utilised and mixed with sugar and starch to add a flavour.
  • The extract of Vanilla is also utilised in some alcoholic beverages.
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