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How to Increase your Meditation Power?

How to Increase your Meditation Power

Meditation can be considered to be an integral part of Yoga. The simple way of focussing deeply into our mind so as to attain a state of dynamic mental stability and peace is otherwise called as meditation. Meditation brings about remarkable changes in the body and mind. It purifies the soul and allows one to be able to calm himself/herself at will.


Here are a few methods by which one can increase their meditation power:


  1. Posture is a dire necessity

    One of the most common yet significant parts of practicing meditation is to have a proper posture before meditating. As in case of Yoga exercises, in meditation too posture determines the outcomes of meditation on the body. The secret behind a proper posture lies in the fact that it allows our mind to divert from the complicated and stressful thoughts with ease. It also helps the body to be flexible and gives it a peaceful and stable base for practising meditation.

  2. Be punctual and regular in practice

    Much like Yoga, regular meditation practice only helps to truly unlock the potential it has for the mind, body, heart and soul. Without regular practice, meditation is not perfect and it eventually gets disturbed due to busy schedule and the burdens of a modern lifestyle. Hence, it is required that meditation be followed regularly and with sincerity.

  3. Follow every instruction with care and sincerity

    Remember every single detail about the rules of meditation and understand them properly. Listen to your instructor carefully and follow the basic steps. Do not try to innovate on this aspect of meditation. It is strictly advised to follow as instructed by your Yoga teacher/instructor.

  4. Prepare the body for meditation

    Part of ensuring the right ambience for meditation is to have a healthy body. A healthy body is often more conducive to peaceful thoughts and it takes very less time for the mind to start focussing constructively. Avoid doing meditation with an empty stomach as it will distract your mind to your hunger and stomach regularly disrupting the process.

  5. Mend the mind for meditation

    Mind is a vital link in everything we do. All the work we do is highly influenced by the state of our mind. In case of meditation too, we need to have a mental state that promotes calm thinking and focused approaches. It is imperative to convince your mind of the importance of meditation for your body so that the mind starts giving positive feedbacks about the entire process of meditation.

  6. Patience is a must have trait

    Before you start meditating, put yourself into a habit of being patient. Meditation requires long periods of time involved in devoted thinking and focus which may tend to frustrate you at times. So make it a point to overcome those phases of frustration by being patient and calm throughout.


Meditation benefits are similar to Yoga benefits, except for the fact that meditation can be performed singularly. While yoga involves exercises, meditation is a non physical method of focusing the mind towards positive thoughts and sound physical health. So always take some time out of your schedule to practise Meditation. Love life. Live life.

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