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Top 10 Common Myths about Yoga

Top 10 Common Myths about Yoga

Yoga is an ancient method of healing that involves conjugation of body and mind to purify the soul. Yoga exercises have been known to heal physical limitations over time. Yoga benefits us by bringing about a state of peace to our mind. Yet there have been some myths about Yoga that have long prevailed.


Here are 10 common myths about Yoga:


  1. Yoga is not for everyone

    This is the most common myth everyone must have experienced at least once in his/her life. On the contrary, Yoga is suited for everyone starting from 20 year olds to 80 year olds. There is no age limitation in doing Yoga exercises. It is perfectly safe for everyone to do.

  2. Yoga exists as a religion

    The only religion everyone must know of is humanity. Yoga is just a means/path to ensuring physical and mental peace and it is in no way any form of religion. Its foundation is spirituality and promotes kindness and compassion.

  3. You need to spend money for Yoga

    Yoga is not expensive to be practised at all. It is accessible for free on YouTube and anyone can also access online tutorials for minimal cost. It is pocket friendly and largely affordable.

  4. Yoga needs dedicated time intervals

    Yoga is not dependent on time. A yoga session of any time interval will benefit your body and mind. Be it in the morning or evening, a short Yoga session will always boost your body and mind positively.

  5. Yoga is not a form of work out

    Yoga is of many types. It is dependent what your preference is. For people who want to burn a lot of calories or want a vigorous work-out session, they may prefer doing a power class/Ashtanga Class. This will help increase the heart rate while simultaneously building power and strength.

  6. Yoga is meant for those who are fit and thin

    It is absolutely nonsensical to assume that Yoga is meant for those who have a thin figure and are fit. Yoga is practised by thin and voluptuous people equally and Yoga benefits everyone irrespective of their physical vigour.

  7. Men are not meant to do Yoga

    This is an incredibly outrageous myth that makes no sense at all. Yoga was first practised by men and was propagated by men since ancient times. Yoga is immensely popular among men and the numbers are increasing with time every day.

  8. Yoga is not for people who have been diagnosed with chronic ailments.

    This myth is the complete opposite of the actual fact. Yoga is mainly practised these days to help deal with chronic diseases. Yoga exercises help in healing the body and hence also contribute to treatment of chronic ailments.

  9. Yoga can only be done by those who have a flexible body

    Yoga intends to increase the flexibility of the body. It helps to relax the stressed muscles and gives us relief form body pain and injuries. Practising Yoga helps you to become more flexible and strong physically. It is a culmination of strength, balance and flexibility all of which are extremely important for a healthy body.

  10. Yoga is of a singular type.

    This is not true at all. Yoga is of different types with each type having advantages and merits of its own. Some examples are Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga etc. that are suited to different purposes according to the needs and requirement of each person.


Yoga is certainly a booster for the mind, body, heart and soul. It aids in making our life pure and takes us leaps closer to attaining inner peace and sound physical health. Lastly, it is a matter of awareness for us to be known about the advantages of Yoga and what it is about.

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