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Changing “Nappies” and Bathing the Child

Changing “Nappies” and Bathing the Child

CLEANLINESS is absolutely imperative for the child. As he or she has no such consciousness on his or her own and the skin is very soft and sensitive, unclean nappies are bound to create some skin problems for the child. There are a variety of nappies now available in the market but they might prove very costly and may not withstand lot or washing. Hence it is better to use home-made ones.

It would be better if you use towel cloth for making them.


Bathing the Child

1. First rub olive oil on the entire body of your child and give it a light massage.

2. Then allow your child to have some fun with the water while sitting in it.

3. Now rub him with light strokes of water to make him more happy.

4. Then apply soap and clean your child thoroughly.

5. Now take him out of the tub, dry thoroughly and rub a mild soft powder on his or her entire body. Try to regulate your child’s bathing time also. Regularity of routine help invisibly to grow a child with healthy body.

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Washing the Nappies

1. Nappies need to be washed in warm water.

2. The stool-smeared nappies should be first washed with plain water then wash them in warm water after adding some good detergent soap and a mild bleaching powder.

3. Dry them thoroughly in the sun and press them neatly.

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