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Health Benefits of Zedoary

Health Benefits of Zedoary

Zedoary is one of the common herbs which are present in numerous Indian as well as Indonesian countries. This herb is also called as ‘white turmeric’ and is very closely related to normal turmeric. This herb was made popular in some European regions by Arab traders and within subsequent years has become widely popular due to the number of health advantages. This is one of the aromatic spices and has taste as well as a smell similar to that of mango as well as turmeric. This herb is known to contain glossy yellow flowers and is known to grown up to a height of 60 inches. Normally this herb is available in powdered form, however, is also sold in diced as well as dried forms. This herb is known to act both as a medicine as well as a spice and has been connected with treating some health issues. Let’s dive in and see what all advantages they offer.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb has been known to be an effective antiseptic as well as anti-bacterial medicine. This is applied in paste form across some cuts and injuries for a speedier recuperation as well as prevention of any infection.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Zedoary

This herb contains following compounds

  • +)- germacrone-4
  • 5-epoxide
  • 1,8-cineole
  • curcumenol
  • curcumenone
  • curmanolide A and B
  • curzerenone
  • dehydrocurdione
  • furanodienone
  • germacrone
  • isocurcumenol
  • zederone

Health Benefits of Zedoary

  1. Is an Effective Antis-Septic

    This herb is known to be one of the most effective antiseptics and is known to be utilised in the speedier recuperation of cuts as well as wounds. This is normally applied over the affected area in the form of a paste, and hence the chemicals present in it tend to have a strong effect on healing of the wound.

  2. Are known to Boost Sex Life

    They are known to be an anti-oxidant which tends to improve the sexual life of both the female as well as male. They are known to strengthen the muscles of the uterus and hence help in childbirth. They are known to help men with issues such as erectile dysfunction.

  3. Known to help in Digestion Related Issues

    This herb has been known to be effective in a curing number of digestion-related issues such as flatulence as well as indigestion. Consumed 30 minutes before having any meal, they will help in proper nutrient absorption as well as utilisation.

  4. Helpful in Increasing the Overall Immunity

    They have been known to be one of the major constituents in the process of cell regeneration as well as tissue repair. They are also known to possess detoxification qualities and hence are known to purify the blood.

  5. Helps in Numerous Menstrual Issues

    This herb is also known to be helpful in issues related to menstruation. Taken in powdered form, they regulate the process of menstruation and at the same time prevent any issues from occurring.

  6. Used as an Anti-Venom

    This herb has been known to act as an anti-dose to the bite of an Indian Cobra. This has been known to be one of the medications for any snake bite and is usually applied in paste form over the bitten area.

  7. Is known to Possess Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    This herb has been known to be one of the powerful inflammation agents and has been used to treat both internal as well as external inflammation.

How to Use

  • In Indian as well as Indonesia the roots of this plant are dried and then utilised in making numerous curries.
  • The oils which are obtained from the seeds of this plant are used for making perfumes as well as scents.
  • In India, the roots are utilised in making the pickle, while in countries such as Thailand they have been increasingly using this as a vegetable.


Although not many side effects of this herb have been known, these are not recommended for the women with babies in their womb as it may result in miscarriage. Also, women who are suffering from profuse menstrual periods should stay away from this herb.

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