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Cure Pyorrhoea with Homeopathy

Cure Pyorrhoea with Homeopathy

Pyorrhoea is a disease of the gum. It is also called as Periodontitis in dental terminology. It is characterised by inflammation and destruction of bone and tissues surrounding the teeth. The first stage of Periodontitis is Gingivitis. Gingivitis is a condition of inflammation of gums due to development of plague and poor hygiene of the mouth. Gingivitis leads to Pyorrhoea when left untreated. Gingivitis is a milder stage of Pyorrhoea and there no permanent changes involved in Gingivitis. However, when Gingivitis persists for very long, it leads to the formation of deep pockets between teeth and gum that get filled with bacteria and plague over the time. This leads to damage of bone and tissue supporting the teeth and eventually the teeth fall off.

Some symptoms of pyorrhoea are swollen gums, pain, tenderness of gums, bleeding gums, purple red gums, bad breath, metallic taste in mouth and loose teeth. Some of the best Homeopathic medic medicines for pyorrhoea are:

  1. Phosphorus

    One of the best homeopathic medicines for pyorrhoea that has always been prominently used for cases of bleeding gums is Phosphorus. Phosphorus is well known for its anti-haemorrhagic properties and thus helps in treatment of treating bleeding gums. In addition to bleeding, pain and soreness of gums is also observed. The pain in the gums is increased when both hot and cold substances come in contact with the gums. Pain in the gums may also lead to pain in the teeth increasing the sensitivity of the teeth.

  2. Carbo Veg

    Carbo veg is an excellent homeopathy cure for treating Pyorrhoea especially when bleeding gums are seen while cleaning teeth. In such cases, the gums are seen somewhat receded and are blackish in appearance. The symptoms include toothache especially when chewing food. A bitter taste might be experienced in the mouth while chewing.

  3. Lachesis

    Some cases of pyorrhoea are related with swollen cheeks. In such cases, the gums appear to be dark purple in colour and are highly swollen. A burning sensation may also be felt in the mouth. Peppery taste may be present in the mouth which is another unique symptom. Lachesis is considered as the most suitable homeopathic medicine for pyorrhoea. Another symptom for the use of Lachesis in treatment of pyorrhoea is that the pain in the teeth may often extend to the ears.

  4. Kreosotum

    Kreosotum is a homeopathy cure known for its extensive positive and effective action on the teeth and the surrounding, supporting structures in case of pyorrhoea. Kreosotum is best used in treatment when the symptoms predominantly include bluish gums puffy in appearance and a marked putrid odour from the mouth. Kreosotum may be recommended in cases of heavy bleeding as well. In such cases, the teeth may be dark, decayed and loose in position with the gum.

  5. Merc Sol

    Merc sol is one of the best homeopathic medicines for pyorrhoea. It is used in cases where swollen, tender and bleeding gums are reported. The gums may appear to be bluish red in appearance. There is also an increase in saliva content in the mouth with a foul odour. Merc sol also works best in cases of pyorrhoea where loosening of teeth are reported.

    Homeopathycures to dental diseases including pyorrhoea have been known to produce wonderful results and effective action. These medicines work based on the symptoms and results vary from one individual to another. The natural nature of the medicines makes them completely health friendly and safe. However, self prescription is not advisable and discretion of a homeopathy doctor must always be ensured before using any medication.

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