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Top 10 Unani Medicines for Treatment of Piles

Top 10 Unani Medicines for Treatment of Piles

Piles are a condition of formation of outgrowths in the anus or gastrointestinal region. This is mainly due to constipation and unhealthy food habits. Piles can be very painful every now and then and a person feels restless about the condition predominantly. The severity is further aggravated when blood vessels are ruptured in the anal tract because of piles leading to excessive bleeding. Unani advantages over piles are numerous and are very safe without any side effects.


Here are 10 Unani medicines for the treatment of Piles:


  1. Soap nut and Catechu

    The mixture of soap nut and catechu is a natural remedy for piles. This Unani cure is prepared by taking equal amounts of Soap nut (reetha) and catechu and grinding them to form a powder. Half a gram of this powder should be used on the piles.

  2. Mixture of galls, camphor and butter

    The mixture is prepared by mixing Galls, Camphor and Butter in the ration 2:1:6 by proportion. The mixture is then applied on the piles. It provides gradual relief from the pain caused by piles.

  3. Mixture of Persian Lilac and Hemp

    A paste is prepared from Persian Lilac leaves and Hemp (Bhang leaves) by grinding them. This paste is then applied on the piles to provide relief from the pain. This is a Unani medicine that gives extensive relief from piles.

  4. Mixture of Coriander Leaves, iron oxide and aluminium silicate

    The paste of coriander leaves, iron oxide and aluminium silicate may also be used as a Unani medicine to provide relief from piles. 2 grams of fresh coriander leaves, iron oxide and one gram of aluminium silicate are grinded to make a paste. This paste is then applied on the piles to provide relief.

  5. Unani medicines for haemorrhoids

    The Unani medicines such as Habb-e-Muqil, Habb-e-Rasaut, and Murabba Halela etc are some useful Unani cures for treatment of piles.

  6. Aspaghol

    Aspaghol is helpful in relieving constipation thus helping to reduce the pain. It is consumed orally. About 6 grams of Aspaghol husk are mixed with water and consumed. This reduces the constipating effects.

  7. Nuxvomica

    Nuxvomica when rubbed with stone and water forms a paste. This paste upon application on Piles gives relief by lessening the pain considerably. It is allowed to be applied on the Piles for about an hour before being washed off.

  8. Neem leaves and Barberries

    The extract of Neem leaves and Barberries are used to make green pills. These green pills are consumed twice a day to provide relief from Piles. The piles are prepared by mixing the extract of barberries leaves and Neem leaves.

  9. Horn of buffalo and Blume leaves

    The mixture of the ashes of Buffalo horn and juice of Blume Leaves make a paste which can be applied over the piles to lessen the severity of the piles.

  10. Henna and Borax

    About 125 grams of henna leaves are grinded in water. The filtrate is then mixed with borax to make a mixture that can be used twice a day to provide relief from the pain.

Piles can be a serious ailment. Before taking any medication, it is strictly advised that the person consult a doctor. If piles are still painful after the application of the above Unani medicines, then go to a doctor immediately to check up on your condition. The above medicines are mentioned for informative purposes only. They should be used as a substitute to Doctor’s prescription.

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