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Health Benefits of Cassia

Health Benefits of Cassia

Cassia, also known as Cinnamomum Cassia or Chinese Cinnamon, is cultivated in mainly in Southern China and Eastern Asia. The buds of this evergreen tree is used as spice. It is known to have a lot of medicinal properties making it one of the fundamental medicines in traditional Chinese medicine. Cassia buds have an appearance similar to cloves and has a mild flavor. Cassia bark is used as a flavoring agent in confectionery, pastries and meat.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb is basically used as a spice in most parts of the world. It has many medicinal properties making it useful by preventing nausea, vomiting and kidney disorders.

Chemical and Nutrient Content of this herb

Cassia, is known to have following chemical compounds in it:

  • Anthraquinone glycosides
  • Palmidin A
  • Rhein anthrone
  • Aloe-emodin glycosides
  • Flavonoids
  • Resins
  • Mucilage
  • Chrysophanol
  • Palmitic acid
  • Salicvlic Acid

Health Benefits of Cassia

  1. Controls sugar levels

    Cassia, a spice, is very popularly used for treating diabetes. It effectively reduces the sugar levels in blood making it useful for curing diabetes.

  2. Used as mosquito repellent

    It is seen that applying cassia oil to body protects one against mosquito bites. It is free from any allergies and is extremely natural.

  3. Acts as anti-depressant

    Cassia, in the form of essential oil, is very useful in uplifting moods and getting over depression.

  4. Known to be an anti-emetic

    The Cassia oil is known for getting away with the feeling of nausea and vomiting and get a refreshing feel.

  5. Cures diarrhea

    Cassia is effectively used for keeping digestive system healthy and curing diarrhea is one of the most famous uses of cassia. This spice binds the bowels and cures diarrhea naturally.

  6. Improves blood circulation

    Maintaining proper blood circulation is one of the best properties of cassia. As it ensures proper blood circulation, there is proper distribution of nutrients to the entire body preventing arthritis.

  7. Known as carminative

    Cassia is known to be a carminative and gives immense relief from gases in the intestines and helps them drive them out.

  8. Known to have astringent properties

    Cassia is used for curing internal as well as external hemorrhage because it possess astringent properties.

  9. Used for regulating menstrual flow

    Cassia is effectively used for relaxing menstrual cramps and other symptoms occurring during this period. It also opens the blocked menstruation paths.

  10. Known as febrifuge

    It fights infections that cause fever and related problems and keeps the body temperature low.

  11. Boosts immunity

    Cassia has anti-microbial properties and it maintains good blood circulation which helps in boosting immunity.

How to Use:

  • Cassia is used in the form of essential oil which has a lot of benefits.
  • Cassia bark is used as flavoring agent in many dishes.


If taken during pregnancy, it can cause irritation on the skin and mucus membrane making it very sensitive. So, it should not be taken during the days of pregnancy.

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