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Best Way to Breast Feed the New Born Baby

Best Way to Breast Feed the New Born Baby

1. Child should not be lying below you or at the lower level than of your breasts because child may develop some ear trouble which causes much problem in the grown up age.

2. Prop the child up by your opposite hand while feeding by your left breast.

3. child’s nose clear from any obstruction so that he or she breathes well.

4. The new-born does not require much milk in the beginning. Till he or she develops appetite for milk to the full, feed him or her with warm water through a disinfected bottle. In the first week after the delivery, the duration of breast-feeding your child should never exceed 5 minutes. From the second week, when the child has learnt to suck milk properly and has fully developed appetite, you can increase the duration to ten minutes or till the child is satisfied.

5. Child may bite at your nipples in irritation. It would mean that either the positioning of the child is not correct or there is some disturbance in the milk flow.

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6. Before feeding your child it is advisable to clean your nipple by water or a wet towel, especially during summers or rainy season when you sweat more.

7. All through the breast-feeding period the mother should wear a sturdy brassier to support her breast properly. These days there is a special “mother’s breassier” available in the market which is ideal for this purpose.

8. Make sure that the child belches after having milk otherwise this trapped wind creates digestive problems. There are two ways of making him or her belch. By making him sit against the pillow to pressurise his or her stomach to belch air through his mouth and by holding the child against your shoulder.

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