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Health Benefits of Aniseed Myrtle

Health Benefits of Aniseed Myrtle

Aniseed Myrtle belongs to Kingdom Planatae and Myrtaceae family. It is also known as Ringwood or aniseed tree. It is an Australian Rainforest tree which is well known for the aromatic nature of its leaves and the benefits of its oil extracts. The leaves of Aniseed Myrtle is used as a spice and used for the essential oil. The ringwood tree is dense in nature and grows up to 45 metres high. The leaves of the plant are 6 to 12 cm long with margins and they reveal high fragrance when they are crushed.Flowers are white is in colour which carry a sweet and pleasant smell. The fruit are dry and look like capsules which are 5 mm long and are white in appearance.

Primary Use of the Herb

It is well known as a flavouring agent in the preparation of dishes. It is also used as an ingredient in herbal tea. Aniseed Myrtle carries a sweet smell which makes it useful in fragrance industries.

Chemical and Nutrients in Aniseed Myrtle

  • Energy
  • Sugar
  • Proteins
  • Fat
  • Water
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
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Health Benefits of Aniseed Myrtle

  1. Antibacterial agent

    Aniseed myrtle contains elements which act as fighting agents against various bacteria. It is considered as an antibacterial agent which prevents the bacteria and other fungus from entering into the body and causing harm.

  2. Helps in balancing emotions

    Aniseed myrtle has got various elements which stimulate a calm and soothing ambience. It has got the ability to cure depression and anxiety. It is also use for curing insomnia and sleep deprivation. It is popularly used for healing the emotions such as restlessness and misdirection.

  3. Cures Menstrual issues

    The leaves of the plant is said to carry high values which can sure the problems arising out of menstruation. The leaves secrete oil which can be used to ease and smooth the reproduction process.

  4. Respiratory healer

    Aniseed Myrtle acts as a catalyst in accelerating the functioning of respiratory system. It is used as a powerful medicine to cure chest pain, respiratory congestion and other disorders related to respiration process.

  5. Fragrance usage

    The leaves of the plant are well known for its fragrance which is mainly used in the fragrance industries. It is also used as flavouring agent in food and beverage production.

  6. Other medicinal uses

    Aniseed is used as an antiseptic, treating cancer, fighting against fungus and insect infections and supports and monitors the functioning of nervous system.


It can be toxic in nature if the doses are not monitored. Hence it is recommended to exercise caution while consuming aniseed myrtle.

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