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Health Benefits of Bayleaf

Health Benefits of Bayleaf

Bay leaves can either be used as whole or they can be dried, powdered and made useful. The bay leaf oil is well known for its medicinal and health benefits and are widely used for various ailments. Bay leaves are made up of several healthy and nutritious elements which contribute to the various benefits.

Primary Use of the Herb

Bay Leaf is popular among the medicinal herbs for their medicinal values in the treatment for diabetes and cancer. It helps in the good functioning of the digestive system.

Chemicals and Nutrients in Bay Leaf

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Folic Acid
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Niacin
  • Pyridoxine
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Riboflavin

Health Benefits of Bay Leaf

  1. Treatment of Diabetes

    Bay leaves are essential in the treatment of diabetes as they can reduce blood glucose and cholesterol levels. In order to obtain the best results, they can be powdered and consumed for 30 continuous days. This will lead to lowering of the sugar levels in the body and better functioning of the heart. The antiodidants which are one of the component of bay leaf helps in processing the insulin in the body in an efficient manner.

  2. Good for promoting digestion

    Consuming a mixture of various other elements along with bay leaf tea and water will help in the process of digestion and treats various disorders associated with digestion. It also acts as an appetite stimulant if you are recovering from illness.

  3. Cardiovascular advantages of bay leaf

    The phytonutrients in the herb protects against illnesses such as heart attack and stroke. They are made up of powerful elements such as rutin, salicylates, caffeic acid and phytonutrients which boost heart health and improve heart function.

  4. Cures Cold and other Infection

    Bay leafis said to be a powerful participant in the treatment of cold and flu. In case of repeated sneezing, boil some bay leaves in water till it shrinks. Strain and drink this mixture.

  5. Pain Healer

    The oil obtained from bay leaf has anti-inflammatory properties which can ease the pain resulting from sprains, arthritis, rheumatism as well regular aches apply bay leaf oil to your temple and massage to cure migraine and headache.

  6. Cancer fighting agents

    They are structured witheffective cancer fighting components which possess chemo-protective properties which provide resistancefor fighting various types of cancer. They are made ofparthenolide which has shown to specifically restrain the proliferation of cervical cancer cells.

  7. Periconceptiontime

    Consisting of folic acid, bay leaves are useful for three months before and after the pregnancy time. It contributes folic acid content to the infant which prevent birth defects in the child.

  8. Relief during Menstrual Period

    Bay leaves are taken by mouth which can help to have a normal and calm menstruation.they can be helful in the process of vaginal discharge cleanliness.

How to Use

  • Bay leaf is washed and used as a whole in cooking processes as a kind of seasoning.
  • Bay leaves are dried and grinded as a paste which is applied on the scalp of the hair to get rid of dandruff. The bay leaf paste is also applied on the skin to improvise the skin tone and texture.


  • Bay leaf can intrude with the blood sugar levels.
  • Intake of bay leaf as a whole by mouth is likely to be unsafe as it difficult to digest.
  • Bay leaf can slow down the working of nervous system. Chances are there that they may slow down the functioning of Central Nervous System when combined with Anesthesia or other medicines during the process of surgery or after it.
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