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Cure Excessive Sweating with Homeopathic Medicines

Cure excessive sweating with homeopathic medicines

A lot of people are laughed at for perspiring profusely. Excessive sweating is not only a medical problem but it can also thwart and make your social experiences uneasy. Though there are many so called ‘anti-per spirants’, not all of them have the ‘cure’ to excessive sweating. They only have the ability the camouflage the problem, not cure it. The medical term for excessive sweating is ‘hyperhidrosis’. Excessive sweating can also lead to a pungent body odour which is called as ‘bromhidrosis’. Can this problem be cured? Yes!

Homeopathy medicines are the best remedies for ‘hyperhidrosis’ i.e. excessive sweating. Homeopathic cure has the ability to uproot the problem as a whole by treating its symptoms. Excessive sweating can be caused due to a wide range of reasons such as nervous breakdown, anxiety, menopause, fever, tuberculosis and sometimes because of dysfunction of thyroid glands.

Homeopathy treatment though spanning a long period of time has the ability to cure all these symptoms and causes. Let us have a look at all the homeopathic medicines that can cure excessive sweating.

  1. Merc sol:

    Merc sol is an excellent homeopathic cure for disorders like excessive thirst, excessive sweating and hyper-salivation. Merc sol is specially used for hyperhidrosis cases that worsen at night.

  2. Calcarea carbonica:

    Hyperhidrosis cases where the sweat is cold on hands and feet can be treated with this homeopathy medicine. Calcarea carbonica can be given to babies whose teeth have just begun to erupt that cause sweating. Also, during homeopathic treatment with this medicine, the patients tend to feel cold, chilly, and temperamental and often crave milk and cheese.

  3. Ignatia:

    This remedy is for people who are often anxious, have a nervous breakdown, impulsive and very sensitive. Ignatia can be used for people with excessive sweating of the palms. Ignatia is very famously known for stabilizing people who are often grieving.

  4. Silicea:

    Patients with stinky feet and aggressive sweating of the feet can be treated by Silicea. Silicea can cure sweating of hands, palms, feet and underarms. Nails covered in white spots and toe nails that are in-grown can be treated with Silicea. Patients being treated with Silicea often tend to be cold, chilly, lacking necessary body heat and extremely thirsty. Children who need this remedy are usually weak, emotionally stressed, have large heads, walk slowly and have an abdomen that is distended. The sweat in this case has a very disgusting and pungent odour.

  5. Lycopodium:

    The sweating of feet and underarms in this case is sticky and profuse. People needing this homeopathic remedy usually suffer from gastro-intestinal disorders like heartburns, ulcers, bloating and hepatic disorders. Premature hair greying is also observed. People who need this remedy often have the worst reactions to heat and humidity which is at its worst between 4PM – 8PM.

  6. Sulphur:

    Sulphur is an excellent remedy for people who suffer from inflamed body orifices. Scratching makes this inflammation feel better but has a horrible reaction to the skin. Sulphur can treat patients who are aggressive. This may cause hot and sweaty hands, palms, soles and underarms. Body produces discharge on merely touching the orifices and it is painful. These people are also very often sensitive and prone to skin disorders like flaking skin, dry skin, itchy and burning sensations.

    Along with these remedies, psorinum can be used to treat excessive sweating for people who just can’t tolerate hot environments.

    Also, bovista and hepar sulf are absolutely go-to remedies for sweating that has putrid odour and leaves yellow stains on clothes. Foul garlic-like smell from armpits can be gotten rid of using these homeopathic medicines.

    There is no way your excessive sweating problem does not end after taking these excellent homeopathy remedies! Try them according to your needs and in the right doses and your problem will vanish.

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