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Some Common Differences between Yoga and Pilates

Some Common Differences between Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are two wonderful methods of relieving physical stress and tend to make the body more flexible. Despite the similarities between the two, both of them have different end results. Yoga is associated with good physical and mental health while Pilates focuses more on improving the physical structure of the body. In this article we shall learn about the basic facts and concepts about Yoga and Pilates. Also we will look into how these two differ from each other.

  1. The art of Yoga

    Yoga stands for the union of the body and soul towards a state of dynamic equilibrium that promotes sound physical and mental health. It is helpful to build strong and flexible muscles while simultaneously developing the mind to be calmer and composed during difficult circumstances. There are different types of Yoga exercises and each of the types involving postures and Asanas that are helpful to bring out combined development of the body and mind. Yoga has been known to be practised both as a meditation practice as well as a method of spiritual healing.

  2. Pilates

    Pilates is basically a primary form of physical exercise. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s for facilitating rehabilitation. Pilates has been known to boost muscle build up and also helps to strengthen the muscles of the stomach. This further leads to a good stable posture that is supportive of good health. Pilates has no air of spiritualism to it and doesn’t involve any method of spiritual healing either. The three most necessary aspects of Pilates are Concentration, Precision and Control all of whom when possessed in sync provide a pathway for good health.

  3. The subtle differences in Poses

    Yoga and Pilates differ largely in the poses that are practised in each. Yoga involves stationary poses that are constant for a long period of time followed by slow movement of the body parts. All the poses in Yoga are static and a transition from one pose to another is continuous in nature. Yoga involves slow gradual changes from one pose to another. On the other hand, in Pilates the poses involve constant movements. The muscles during the movements contract and expand continuously to help them be strong and promote their build up. Pilates is solely meant for developing a strong and flexible body and much attention is also given to developing a strong abdomen.

  4. Differences in breathing methods

    Another significant difference between Yoga and Pilates is the way of breathing in both cases. In yoga breathing is done only through the nose while in case of Pilates breathing is through both nose and mouth. Yoga exercises involve controlled breathing that includes breathing so as to keep the stomach relaxed. In case of Pilates, the breathing is more intense and the large volume of air flow allows the constant contraction and expansion of stomach muscles that help to develop strong muscles. Due to larger amount of air inhales, the core muscles at the stomach and abdomen are allowed to transform extensively.

Yoga and Pilates as we have seen are two different ways of attaining good health. While both are supportive of physical health, Yoga is also devoted to developing a healthy and positive mind. Pilates on the other hand is solely focused on overall strength and stability of the body without having to do anything with the mind. Any of these methods may be practised to have a healthy body. It is recommended that absolute accuracy must be maintained while following the steps of doing both Yoga and Pilates to ensure fruitful results.

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