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Health Benefits of Myrtle Berry

Health Benefits of Myrtle Berry

Myrtle berry also called as the myrtus is one of the common herbs which are an important part of the human history. These berries are known to grown on a small shrub and can grow to a maximum of five metres in length. This herb is known to contain berries which are similar in appearance to blackberries and are also used to make a certain variety of alcohol. This herb over the years is utilised for numerous culinary practices and is also known to be helpful in treating numerous maladies associated with the body and health. Some of the health benefits associated with this herb is mentioned under.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb has been known to consist of expectorant properties and hence is utilised for the purpose of treating issues asthma and bronchitis. It is also used to alleviate certain specific skin conditions.

Chemical And Nutrient Content Myrtle Berries

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Health Benefits of Myrtle Berries

  1. Helps in treating numerous Respiratory Conditions

    AS mentioned before this herb is known to have expectorant properties and hence is responsible for treatment of numerous respiratory conditions for example, bronchitis and asthma. It is responsible for treating the respiratory tissues and allows for smooth passage of oxygen.

  2. Helps in Improving Skin Health

    Myrtle has been known to help in the process of treating skin infections as well as skin breakouts. The natural anti-oxidants present in this herb are known to help in better repairing of the skin cells while at the same time making it appear all the more bright and young.

  3. Helps in improving the health of Immune System

    This herb has been known to possess anti-bacterial properties and hence tends to fend off any disease which harms the body. In this way it adds up to the immunity of the body and keeps us young and fresh.

  4. Is known to help maintain hormonal Balance

    This herb has been known in improving the functionality of the thyroid organ. It has been established that this herb either consumed or inhaled tends to improve the stimulation of hormones in the body and thereby increasing the reproductive health of women.

  5. Helps in Prevention against Cancer

    Myrtle is lauded for its high amount of anti-oxidants including quercetin, tannins, myricetin, and catechin. These components present in the herb are known to be effective in prevention against cancer and also prevent cell mutation from occurring. This has been found to be very helpful in preventing issue such as breast and prostate cancer from occurring.

  6. Helps in Improving Kidney Health

    One of the old utilizations of these berries was for the treatment of kidney as well as urinary issues. Myrtle can help in stimulation of pee, in this way removing extra salts, liquids, and even fat, in this way controlling the elements of your kidneys.

  7. Is known to act as an Cognitive Booster

    Myricetin is a standout amongst the most imperative flavonols that are found in myrtle. It has been found to prevent the growth of beta-amyloid fibril, which is one of the major components responsible for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  8. Helps in improving Heart Health

    Different flavonoids found in myrtle, including myricetin, have been known to lessen the oxidization of awful cholesterol (LDL cholesterol), which implies that your cholesterol levels will stay adjusted, your veins and supply routes won’t be obstructed, atherosclerosis won’t happen, and your cardiovascular framework will be shielded from coronary illness and strokes.

How to Use

  • The leaves of this herb are utilised directly after drying in numerous dishes.
  • The root of this herb is dried and then grounded and utilised as curry powder.


Consuming the myrtle fruit is known to be totally safe and doesn’t have much side effects.

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