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Homeopathic Medicines for Piles

Homeopathic Medicines for Piles

Piles is a type of disease that affects one’s anal region. Also known as Haemorrhoids, when affected by this disease, there is swelling observed in the rectal region due to stagnation of blood. Due to these swollen veins, patients suffer through a lot of pain, itching and discomfort. Some patients bleed while passing stool and this disease is known as bleeding piles. Depending on the location of the swollen veins, the piles is considered to be internal or external.

Piles causes a lot of discomfort in the patients and causes a lot of irritation. There are some severe problems occurring with this disease as well. So, it is necessary to be treated with utmost care so that it heals as early as possible without causing any side effects. So, treating piles with homeopathic medicines is considered the best option. So, here are top homeopathic medicines for piles that will heal it effectively.

This homeopathic medicine is considered as the best for treating bleeding piles. It is observed that the patients suffering from bleeding piles are always worried and anxiety. Therefore, stop their bleeding in order to calm their anxiety. So, the best medicine to stop the bleeding is Hamamelis. This homeopathy medicine takes care of venous congestion and venous bleeding, giving immense relief to the patients.

Piles is always painful as it creates problems while passing of stools. So, when patients take the Ratanhia homeopathy medicine, then they get a lot of relief from the painful piles. The pain while passing stools is very intense and it remains for hours together! Ratanhia medicine heals all these problems and gives a lot of relief to the patients, which is why it is considered as one of the best homeopathic medicines for piles.

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Along with piles, some patients suffer through constipation as well. This results in passage of hard and knotty stools. In females, this disease causes menstrual disturbance as well. To get relief from this type of disease, the homeopathy medicine, Graphites, is considered the best! This medicine cures piles and takes care of all the gastrointestinal problems as well.

Due to changing lifestyle, there is intake of lot of non-veg food along with non-healthy drinks. This creates disturbances in the normal functioning of our body and is one of the major reasons for piles. So, here is Nux Vomica homeopathy medicine for piles! This is considered one of the best medicines for curing piles effectively and quickly!

Piles always comes with pain while passing stools, but in some cases, it comes with extreme pain in the back as well. Aesculus homeopathy medicine, also known as Aesculus Hippocastanum, is surely one of the best homeopathy treatments to cure piles. It will effectively cure piles and gives relief from backache as well.

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When blood passes with the stool, then it brings along the burning sensation, violent itching and soreness. As time passes, if piles is not treated properly, these problems grow very intensely. So, to give relief to all the patients from these horrible problems, Aloe socotrina, a homeopathy medicine for piles is considered as the best. It calms down all these symptoms of piles and giving a relaxing feeling to the patients, who are otherwise irritated and serving through immense pain!

  • Hamamelis
  • Ratanhia
  • Graphites
  • Nux Vomica
  • Aesculus
  • Aloe socotrina

So, these were the top 6 homeopathic medicines for piles which are very effective and have absolutely no side effects. These medicines are used a lot by the patients and all have positive results thereafter! So, if you or your acquaintances are suffering from piles, do try these medicines as these are the best!

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