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Make Your Eyes Look Beautiful With Homeopathy

Make Your Eyes Look Beautiful With Homeopathy

Dark circles under the eye are a constant indicator of ill health of a person. Be it for natural ageing reasons or be it for some habit related issues, dark circles often tend to degrade our physical appearance. Although no specific reasons may be assigned for the occurrence of dark circles under the eyes, there are certain factors that may preside over its occurrence. The most common factors for the visibility of dark circles under the eyes are sleep deprivation and a stressful life.
Homeopathy medicines are an extremely health friendly method of administering medications and provides immense scope for the body to self heal. Due to presence of no side effects, homeopathy has been extensively used in the treatment of dark circles. Here are a few remedies that involve Homeopathy for dark circles. The time taken by Homeopathy medicines to treat dark circles however varies from one individual to another due to variation in occurrence factors.


    Phosphoric acid is an effective remedy as Homeopathy for dark circles due to fatigue and tiredness of the body. Due to physical stress and over worked body, the dark circles appear bluish around the eyes. The person may also appear very weak. In such a case, the person may be exhausted due to sexual excesses or due to excessive work load. So in case of bluish dark circles around eyes and physical or mental exhaustion of a person, Phosphoric acid may be used as a Homeopathic medicine. A history of mental grief associated with dark circles may also be treated by phosphoric acid.


    Vanilla Aromatica is effective as a remedy in Homeopathy for skin care including dark circles around the eye. It is very favourable for use in skin infections.


    This is a Homeopathic medicine that is particularly used for treatment of eyes infection, especially when there is occurrence of intermittent pains in and around the eyes. It may also be used for treatment of other eye related disorders like photophobia and ulceration of cornea. It also possesses sensitiveness to alcohol and tobacco and can be used as a viable treatment of black darkness that occurs due to abuse of Quinine.


    Kali Phos is the best Homeopathic Medicine available for treatment of dark circles below the eyes appearing due to stress. Kali Phos can be used when the person needing it is in a constantly worried state and in depression due to the appearance of dark circles. It is a suitable supplementary medicine that can be used for persons who are exhausted and stressed with dark rings.


    Ferrum Met is a natural Homeopathic Medicine that can be used in the treatment of a person who is suffering from a plethora of disorders related to the iron content of the blood. The lack of blood in human blood is condition referred to as Anaemia. Due to the lack of blood in the body, the oxygenation process is hampered in the body which leads to a variety of disorders including dark circles. In case of Anaemia, the face appears to be pale. Along with this, the veins present under the eyes mostly become bluish in appearance. Ferrum Met is a useful remedy for patients suffering from Anaemia. Due to decreased blood content in the body, a person experiences general weakness. Thus, patients of Anaemia who possess dark circle scan be treated with Ferrum Met.

  6. CINA

    Cina is widely used in homeopathy for dark circles occurring in children. Dark circles in children may be due to various attributed reasons like anaemia and worms. In case of children having worms, dark circles are quite prevalent. Thus, such children are more prone to physical and mental weakness. Most of the children who are given this homeopathic remedy display a strong irritated nature and fickle behaviour. So in general Cina can be used as a Homeopathy medicine for the front line of treatment of dark circles occurring due to worms or anaemia.

    Homeopathy is a safer and slower method of healing of human body than Allopathy. But any form of medication must be taken at the discretion of a doctor. Knowledge is power and the proper utilisation of knowledge is a blessing. So always consult a doctor before taking any medication for some discomfort you might be facing. Stay healthy. Stay happy.

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