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Health Benefits of Salad Burnet

Health Benefits of Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet which is also called as the garden burnet is a perennial herb that belongs to the Rosacea family of plants. This herb can be found to be used as a salad dressing and is known to contain flowers which are slightly greenish in colour. The leaves of this plant are oval shaped and are slightly greyish in colour. This herb can be used in place of mint leaves in case you don’t have one at your disposal. Having a taste slightly like a cucumber mixed with melon it is known to possess a nutty flavour. This herb over the years has been used for numerous medicinal usage with some of them mentioned below.

Primary Use of this Herb

The roots of this plant have over the years proved to be beneficial in treatment of numerous gastro intestinal issues and are known to effectively treat diarrhoea.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Salad Burnet

This herb contains following compounds

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Fat 2g 1.2%
Carbs 20g 11%
Dietary Fibre
Protein 2.8g 5%
Ash 1.7

Health Benefits of Salad Burnet

  1. Helps in treating Impotency

    This herb has been known to boost the sex life of people and is commonly utilised for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction in men. The roots of this plant is dried and then crushed to obtain a powder which is utilised for this function.

  2. Is A Blood Absorber

    Salad Brunet has been known to treat any sort of internal as well as external bleeding and can effectively treat people suffering from haemorrhage.

  3. Known to improve Digestive Health

    The leaves of this herb are known to be helpful in treating issues related to gastro-intestinal tract and are utilised as a treatment for issue such as diarrhoea.

  4. Known to contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    This herb has been known to possess anti-inflammatory qualities and hence is an effective cure against issues such as gout and rheumatism.

  5. Can treat Burns

    The powder derived from the roots of this herb and then mixed with sesame oil has been known to be effective in treatment against burns and cuts.

  6. Improves Oral Health

    Utilising the powder you can make a mouthwash which helps in treatment against issues such as swollen and bleeding gums.

How to Use

  • The leaves of this herb are utilised in salad dressing.
  • The root can be dried and powdered to use it in numerous medications and decoctions for treatment of issues such as diarrhoea.


There are no known side effects of this herb however it shouldn’t be consumed too much as it is known to contain tannins.

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